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Are You Ready For Some Football???

31 Jan

I’m not sure how much overlap there is in demographics between The Daily Psychedelic Video and avid followers of American football. The latter isn’t something that’s ever held my attention, but when a friend of mine sent me this video after I had been outside the US for a while, I developed a new appreciation for how bizarre the whole scene really is.

I invite you to bask in the insanity.

Thank you, Kyle, for showing me this one.

“Strawberry Short-Cut” by Tom Rubnitz

24 Jan

Following up last week’s Rubnitz gem, “Pickle Surprise”, we have his 1991 tasty beauty “Strawberry Short-Cut”.

Here’s an interesting article listing who’s who in Tom Rubnitz’s videos:

“Pickle Surprise” by Tom Rubnitz

17 Jan

Oh my, it’s Pickle Surprise! Tom Rubnitz, director of the 1987 cult documentary “Wigstock: the Movie”, takes us on a groovy psychedelic journey in this 1989 gem. Can you find everybody’s favorite drag star Ru Paul?

The Video Data Bank website has a higher quality short clip and offers a DVD of Rubnitz’s work for purchase.

There’s Gonna Be Some Rock n Roll This Winter

20 Dec

This tune has become a staple amongst my former flatmates and I during this time of year. Actually, we sing it most of the year, but it gets a far better reception when we’re in the appropriate season. The video brings us back to the grand old days of glam rock, when psychedelic visuals were left to the costume department. A time when Roy Wood (who is better known for his days with the Electric Light Orchestra) looked like a Muppet from another dimension. And those lyrics are warm and fuzzy enough to bring holiday cheer to the biggest Grinches around. Like the bassist. Honestly, why is he being such a goon?

Oh well. At the very least, if you find yourself struggling to find the right politically correct greeting this season, I’d just go with telling folks to “Have a wonderful rock and roll winter, baby.”

“Miss Edmonton Teenburger 1983 in Your’re Eternal” by Amy Lockhart

29 Nov

One of my favorite Canadians, animator Amy Lockhart, gets groovy with AfterEffects and the lovely Miss Edmonton TeenBurger 1983 to show the evil Princesses who’s boss.

Rick and Morty – TV Series

3 Oct

Rick and Morty is an American animated television series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon that premiered on December 2, 2013 on Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block, Adult Swim.

I want to recommend it to you since it is so funny and psychedelic

A little preview:

Download season 1

The peyote scene from Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

30 Sep

The trip sequence was designed by Rob Zombie and features the song “Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls” by White Zombie.


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