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Tobacco – Hawker Boat

20 Jun

Sometimes psychedelia lies in a total lack of context. When I envision an alien race observing life on Earth for the first time, I imagine an experience like watching this video. Hopefully they have a sense of humor.

Babies going through tunnels

12 Jun

These babies reactions to the experience of going through a tunnel are so sweet and psychedelic. It’s like they’re going “Whooo! What was that?!!!”. And maybe we should always be like that when going through tunnels. People say babies are in a constant trip. This brings the point home.

(Link: Hagai. Thanks!)


22 May

For you Spanish speakers out there, and for all those who like their Jesus in a psychedelic flavor, Manuel Bonilla sings the glory of creation in psychedelic children-styled animation. See the full show below.

(Link: Dani. Thanks!)

BABY ! LOVE YOUR BODY ! Episode 1 (English)

8 May

The “Baby! Love Your Body!” videos by Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa¬†offer liberated, guilt free and psychedelically minded sexual education for children. The many “thumbs down” and hate comments this video received just prove how bad it’s needed.

Tenacious D // The Effects of LSD

15 Apr By Liam Lynch With Jack Black & Kyle Gass

Maximum the Hormone

11 Apr

Very nearly missed this one in my search for psychedelic videos, as I can’t say I’ve immersed myself in a whole lot of metal, and things don’t start to get visually psychedelic until around 1:43. Skip ahead if you like, though I think the video’s progression is made so much sweeter by taking it in the whole way through.

A bit of explanation for the super catchy line at the finish: Winny is apparently p2p software that was once quite popular in Japan, but isn’t really used so much anymore. Comparable to Napster.


14 Mar
This video feels to me like a showcase of the toys that were advertised on the Nickelodeon network when I was growing up. Floam, Gak, Koosh balls. And then there’s the wardrobe… somewhere along the lines of Wayne’s World from a different world.

And if you weren’t sold on the first selection, here’s a list of all the ways that Lionel Flairs is allegedly better than Prince.


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