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21 Jul

An exhibition of personal style inspired by modular blocks. Watch out for the highly psychedelic last minute part.

(Link: askazzie. Thanks!)

Screengrab – Willie Witte

19 Jul


ANAMNESIA : a loss of forgetfulness

2 May

MÖBIUS – Bose Collins

9 Apr

“Memoirs of a psychonaut”

Japanese dance – Butoh / Byakko Sha

7 Apr

You might have come across these creatures in your last trip in the woods ;)

Design Moves – Wesley Schwartz

5 Apr

A delightful psychedelic take on design with some “Boards of Canada” music and Charles Eames voice over.

Kings of Power 4 Billion% [2008] by Paul Robertson

31 Mar

A video game Armageddon. Bad trip alert.


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