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From 0 to 100 years in Dutch and Hebrew

25 Sep

There is something distinctly psychedelic about these people counting the years from 0-100. Watching these many people advance with age is like watching life go by – collective life. It’s like those videos of people getting older, but this time around involving a collective of people. What I like about these videos is that they show an amazing portrait of society at large and it’s many faces. Watching this made me like these people and feel like we are all part of something greater.

So, first off here the original version as far as I can tell, done in Amsterdam in 2011: O-100 in Dutch.

And here is my favorite, in my own language. 0-100 in Hebrew:

Thermal Aftermath

14 Sep

An atmospheric and mesmerizing voyage through the statues of Sally Resnik Rockriver courtsey of rob Steinberg

The Jumblies – Camellia Nieh

31 Aug

The last elections day in Israel didn’t bring a lot of positive change on the political level, but in Mitzpe Ramon some good people got together  during that day to hang out outside to play music and practice their AcroYoga and slacklining skills, among other things. Camellia Nieh was there to shoot the occasions of the day, later editing them into this magnificent and really fun video, which I find very psychedelic.

And here is what Camellia had to say about the whole thing:

“I started making videos this year as a way of distilling my world, external and internal, for myself and for others, to record certain feelings, ideas, or experiences that were beautiful or interesting to me and to share them. They serve as a journal, sketchbook, and as letters to people I care about. This video was created from an afternoon of hanging out with friends in a small town in the Negev Desert on the day of Israel’s recent elections, exploring movement, music, balance, improvisation, and connection. I didn’t set out to make a psychedelic video, but apparently that’s how my world translates to others sometimes…”

Afterlife – Ishu Patel (1978)

17 Aug

Indian-Canadian animator Ishu Patel in a 1978 movie about the after life.

What Is Freedom ? Chapter 1 “Yesod ” – “Our fReedom ” – New Rainbow Order

29 Jun

Guy Nastro goes around asking friends from the Israeli psytrance scene what freedom is for them, mixing their answers with a lot of kicking psytrance music, nature, juggling, Krishamurti and Terence Mckenna. The beautiful video transmission about the power of freedom is like a treatise, a prayer and a spiritual voyage, all at once. It calls upon us to realize our own freedom and comprises a powerful and inspiring document of a dissident searching for freedom, in a time when freedom is under attack.

This video is the first in a series of videos which will accompany Nastro on his travels around Europe looking for a land to buy. The last episode, Nastro says, should be the episode where he will already have his own land. He then intends to start a second video series which will focus on how to build a futuristic, psychedelic agricultural village.


SHORT stories – Pretty, Dead – Jeff Scher

19 Jun

Pretty Dead by Jeff Scher  is a beautifully animated homage to the labyrinthical narratives of film noir.

La Faim (Hunger) – Peter Foldès

1 Jun

La Faim (Hunger) is a 1974 short film by Peter Foldes, and one of the first computer generated films. An impressive work with a psychedelic edge.


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