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CYPRUS // Eznekier – shot in abandoned gunpowder factory

25 Nov

// In Cyprus these days to participate @ Order and Disorder in Chaos //

Through the ancient ruins of an gunpowder factory, giant rock wheels, rusty bolts, labyrinthic impasses and water dance to the rhythm of Eznekier’s beats.

CYPRUS is a synthesiser-driven score that combines sub-genres from 1980’s retro-futuristic soundtracks and ambient-leaning 2010s post-rock. Inspired by its post-apocalyptic vibe, the video provides an acid mix of natural and post-industrial elements, with no humans or living creatures at sight and made almost entirely out of landscape stills.


11 Nov

A short film journeying into a microcosm of darkness and fluorescence.

Created with ferrofluid, UV lights, fluorescent watercolours, paints, inks and oils. With the presence of a magnetic field, ferrofluid and kaleidoscopic substances form mesmerising and surreal patterns. Using a HFR camera and macro lens, I captured these visuals before they vanished back into darkness.

Sony FS700
100mm macro lens
Inspired by Susi Sie, Fabian Oefner and Nils Frahm

A film by Karl Fenton

Music: Nils Frahm – More

Divine Fate – Ishu Patel (1993)

2 Nov

A psychedelic rendition of the story of the Garden of Eden, by the awesome Indian-Canadian animator Ishu Patel. If you liked this, check out our past posts about Patel’s videos here  and here.


Pas a Deux – Gerrit van Dijk

26 Oct

The eternal male archetype with its many forms goes on a dance with the eternal female archetype with its many forms, shape-shifting across the dance floor, in this amusing and very special animation by Gerrit Van Dijk,

STREAM – Explore The Unseen – Roman de Guili

16 Oct

Roman de Guili stages tiny universes which exist for miniscule periods of time on a glass plate, he then augments them and exposes the rich life within these spaces, invisible to the naked eye. 70 hours of shooting to create “an organic, non-generated character, establishing a truly reliable cosmos.” No color corrections, no composition, no CGI. Nothing but the breathtaking beauty which naturally emerges from the mixture of water, oil and color.

From 0 to 100 years in Dutch and Hebrew

25 Sep

There is something distinctly psychedelic about these people counting the years from 0-100. Watching these many people advance with age is like watching life go by – collective life. It’s like those videos of people getting older, but this time around involving a collective of people. What I like about these videos is that they show an amazing portrait of society at large and it’s many faces. Watching this made me like these people and feel like we are all part of something greater.

So, first off here the original version as far as I can tell, done in Amsterdam in 2011: O-100 in Dutch.

And here is my favorite, in my own language. 0-100 in Hebrew:

Thermal Aftermath

14 Sep

An atmospheric and mesmerizing voyage through the statues of Sally Resnik Rockriver courtsey of rob Steinberg


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