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4 Dec

Mothership is the first of five films created by FutureDeluxe to launch their new brand. Vibrant cotton candy colours and other-worldly creatures. Some serious psychedelic eye candy. For your curiosity, check out the making-of video, and stay tuned for the rest of the series!

Elephant’s Garden – Felix Colgrave

24 Nov

Animator Flexic Colgrave takes us into a mind boggling multi-layered, hyper-dimensional magical trip in a world of llamas, dragons and big eyed birds.

(Link: Mary Jane Gibson. Thanks!)

Greg Barth’s Essays on Reality

13 Nov


Essays on Reality is a 2 chapter series from the mind of Greg Barth.
Social commentary through beautiful, minimalist visual poetry.
For the making-of, analysis, and more, checkout the feature on cargocollective.


21 Jul

An exhibition of personal style inspired by modular blocks. Watch out for the highly psychedelic last minute part.

(Link: askazzie. Thanks!)

Screengrab – Willie Witte

19 Jul


ANAMNESIA : a loss of forgetfulness

2 May

MÖBIUS – Bose Collins

9 Apr

“Memoirs of a psychonaut”


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