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TSVI – Malfunction (2015)

21 Mar


Fractal VHS glitch goodness


14 Mar


A magnificent visualisation of our multiverse – like a luminous celestial clockwork – from  at Complexity Graphics.

THO-OG: An esoteric and surreal psychedelic short film

11 Mar

Story about the adventure to another world. Directed by Konstantin Plotnikov.
This film tells a story of a soul traveling in a different unknown world. Every sensitive spirit has to contact with a reality that is beyond the perception of most people, down to earth, practical people. In THO-OG perceptive people will see the world where their souls dwell. The main character of the film is one of them.

Static No.14 ‘composition for neon’ (2010)

7 Mar


A beautifully warped meditation on Japan’s neon lights from artist Daniel Crooks. His Static Series is a slow-motion reflection of life’s movements.
(Picture linked to the video)

Moody’s Planet (2014)

21 Feb


The description of this Korean Psychedelic animation translates to:
In fact, although they are lost and confused, there’s a tranquility in your own world. Visual representation of my own planet.
Now I want to trip to Hyunji Lee’s weird world…

“Longueurs d’ondes”- Sabrina Ratte

21 Feb

Spring Eternal (2015)

7 Feb


Enchanting new video feedback work from artist Jay Bundy Johnson. The level of manual control on a tube camera to craft the generative iterations is quite remarkable here, so enjoy this bright psychedelic sun-circle!


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