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Panda Bear – Mr Noah

23 May

If someone gave MC Escher just a video camera and nothing else…

Koudlam – TransPeru (2015)

9 May


Chase the line…

Hypnorama (2015)

2 May


Lights off and headphones on for this entrancing journey through a light landscape. Relax and expand your third eye… Hypnorama is multimedia art installation made with light projections on a still life then deformed in 3D, like a mellow meditative version of the Space Odyssey trip.

a7ab0c43c548aa19146b3b52bdf77f61 (2014)

24 Apr

Full DJ set by Sydney Producer Eugene Ward featuring visuals from psychedelica’s bag of tricks and some nice eclectic house and techno. Check out the set-list taken from creating a fictional 90’s London label ‘White Link Recordings’ (including how he created fake biographic profiles for the ‘artists’). “These videos are not about metafiction, they’re about inspiring an emotional response based on sound pastiche and aesthetic direction.”
Read about the evolution of the project Here or check out Ward’s other videos. (The title is the MD5 code generated for the word ‘White’.)


21 Apr

KOKOFREAKBEAN described his creative process: “I put things where the voices tell me to put them and I don’t ask no questions.”.

We have featured FREE DILDA from him before.


18 Apr


//?WRITE?// rad video synthesis // colour vomiting feedback // from Melbourne based video artist Kurt Bach // !Features! // bound in entities // !Entities! // bound in events… so as singularity burst forth // consuming… feeling… opening // we as free // so embrace… the industrial // the !electronic!… with // BA9.. BA8.. BA43 // && PALvisionary

Sodeoka – Distortion III Preview (2015)

11 Apr


It doesn’t get more mind-bending and challenging than the modern master of video feedback Yoshihide Sodeoka… He’s just released the 21 minute video Distortion III: an eruption of noise, colour and AV complexity that will melt your visual cortex. It’s available for $5 as video on demand and download,  I’ve prepared to pay the ticket and take the ride in HD and so should you. I’ll see you on the other side…


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