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Moody’s Planet (2014)

21 Feb


The description of this Korean Psychedelic animation translates to:
In fact, although they are lost and confused, there’s a tranquility in your own world. Visual representation of my own planet.
Now I want to trip to Hyunji Lee’s weird world…

“Longueurs d’ondes”- Sabrina Ratte

21 Feb

Spring Eternal (2015)

7 Feb


Enchanting new video feedback work from artist Jay Bundy Johnson. The level of manual control on a tube camera to craft the generative iterations is quite remarkable here, so enjoy this bright psychedelic sun-circle!

Face Hacking / Real-Time Face Tracking & 3D Projection Mapping

30 Jan

Oddisee – After Thoughts

24 Jan

Gorgeous visuals overlaid on top of one another, imagery varied but put together oh so elegantly, mightily chilled out trip-hop to accompany it all. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope this one is a suitable contribution to your weekend recreations.


17 Jan


This Dome A/V Performance will melt your eyes, you must watch in HD.
A continuously transforming, complex morphological and geometrical representation of the information contained in natural images. From the animation talent at Ouchhh Motion Lab, the forms were inspired by the diversity of New Mexico’s landscapes, though it certainly looks like an alien abduction into generative hyperspace took place on a distant plateau.

Clubfeet – Everything You Wanted

17 Jan

I have great respect for simplicity. I admire this video for its use of just one feature of film editing to give us something to follow and anticipate the whole way through.


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