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Ros Sereysothea – Chnam Oun 16 (60′s Asian Psychedelic) -

16 Apr

While i am travelling in South East Asia, i will try to find out some Psy stuff from here every week !

Enter the Computer / TRON

12 Mar

As I am travelling in Idia these days, I stayed in a TV equiped room for a couple of nights :) (wow !).

Tron 1 was programed, I just realized how this enter the computer is somehow psychedelic !

Tipper & Android Jones

26 Feb

Tipper featuring Android Jones live at Infrasound Festival in May 2013.

music by Tipper

visuals by Android Jones

video by Andrew J. O’Keefe II


Ed Cox – Bad Day For A Funk Soldier

5 Feb

The Drum & Bassed tribulations of a rabbit !

L.S.D // Trippple Nippples

22 Jan


Trippple Nippples is an electropop band from Tokyo, Japan, and you will love them !


8 Jan

It was during summer 1966 that Barrett had his first LSD trip in the garden of friend, Dave Gale…

N/A Brummbaer – Where in the Universe is Timothy Leary? (And other videos)

28 Dec

N/A Brummbaer’s YouTube channel is bursting with brilliant and mesmerizing computer-generated visions. “Where in the Universe is Timothy Leary?”¬† goes into the rabbit hole, searching for the lost guru of LSD, and finally reaches the only possible conclusion – “Question authority and think for yourself” – The real Timothy Leary is inside yourself.

Other favorites  include a very original take the question of crop circles:

And also one of the finest fractal universes I’ve ever been to:

Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine

18 Dec

Half Full Glass Of Wine is the type of song you come across rarely with it’s half speed, double riffing magic. Kevins vocals float through the air like a magic carpet ride through an aural wonderland, the guitars dual each other in a call and response frenzy, which all leads up to a beast of a solo that holds you by the soul galloping away in oblivion.

Half Full Glass Of WIne comes accompanied by a video directed by creative minds Special Problems (Cut Off Your Hands, Mercy Arms) who has created the perfect trippy realm for you to get lost in. Humming birds that flutter around a sumo wrestler, monkeys bounce off of canons and dance upon their fiery discharge, dogs jump at floating ships on the horizon like possessed beasts.

Thanks to my house mate Loic for the link (I advice you to have a look at his blog as painter/street art actor :

IT IS TIME —- You Are The Essence Of The Spiral

6 Nov

Take the lift !

Aurora Borealis

30 Oct

Something really trippy there !

Also, try this interactive video:


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