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“Grocery Trip” by Pouff

4 Oct


24 Aug

YouTube channel Desiremarket has a delectable collection of surrealist videos which can probably only be enjoyed while high.

More Electric II (2014)

13 Jun


Ambient drone sounds reflect off the primitive shapes, conducting electricity.
A meditative piece by Shusaku Kaji for Japan’s digital video festival, DOTMOV.

Elysian Fields – Channeling

1 May

An hypnotic and well-made video clip by Steve Mertens.

THO-OG: An esoteric and surreal psychedelic short film

11 Mar

Story about the adventure to another world. Directed by Konstantin Plotnikov.
This film tells a story of a soul traveling in a different unknown world. Every sensitive spirit has to contact with a reality that is beyond the perception of most people, down to earth, practical people. In THO-OG perceptive people will see the world where their souls dwell. The main character of the film is one of them.

Inner Space Artifacts Trailer – Ben Ridgway

6 Mar

Ben Ridgway does magic.

The-Drum – /BZE

9 Feb

Prepare to go on a fantastic journey into a world of weird shapes and colors.  Video directed by Igor Ivanov.

(Link: Jeff Utter. Thanks)



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