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A 1950 woman and LSD experience

23 Jul


Jon Jacobsen

18 Jun

“From my perspective, daily life lies between the real world and fantasy. This duality crystalizes so naturally that it looks imperceptible for us: we live in the present without being conscious of it until something happens and breaks this state. This triggers emotions that confirm the coexistence between reality and fantasy in the everyday world.

My creative process starts with the observation of an event that shatters this duality, thus giving me the conceptual base for what in the future will be an image. From this framework, I start creating symbolic relations which are necessary to build a visual metaphor which will bring a first sketch. Nevertheless, my creative process does not respond to any linear sequence, but rather to a come and go between the creator and the artwork.

The photographic language does not capture the reality I want to show in my work. To fill this gap, I mix digital techniques that expand the semiotics of the image, to the point of merging fantasy with reality. This combination of techniques makes my work more diverse and this allows, in a certain way, to reinvent each new project.

Finally, the guidelines that lead my work consist of portraits and self-portraits because, on the one hand, I’m interested to express in an image the vulnerability of human beings facing their surroundings and themselves; and on the other hand, through self-portraiture I represent the inexorable passing of time and how each character inside my image blurs out the limits of their bodies as to, in a horizontal relation, be part of the whole.” [Jon Jacobsen]

Rootwire 2012 – (Papadosio – You and Yourself music video)

2 Jun

Van Gogh – Shadow

17 May

Video artist Luca Agnani animated some of Van Gogh’s painting, bringing life into the old works of the master.

(Link: Lex. Thanks!)

Magic Carpet in a Casablanca church / Michel Chevalier

30 Apr

Magic Carpets 2014

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation
Music : Michel Redolfi
Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret
50 x 10 m / 164.04 x 32.81 ft

Magic Carpets revisit the tradition of the Islamic art, in particular the mosaic and the carpets.
A huge light carpet covers the floor of Sacré Coeur church. When the viewer moves, the trajectory of the curves is disrupted under their feet.
This world of colors and forms in movement, invites us into the magic universe of the « Arabian Nights » and the flying carpets with the music of Michel Redolfi.

Ros Sereysothea – Chnam Oun 16 (60’s Asian Psychedelic) -

16 Apr

While i am travelling in South East Asia, i will try to find out some Psy stuff from here every week !

Enter the Computer / TRON

12 Mar

As I am travelling in Idia these days, I stayed in a TV equiped room for a couple of nights :) (wow !).

Tron 1 was programed, I just realized how this enter the computer is somehow psychedelic !

Tipper & Android Jones

26 Feb

Tipper featuring Android Jones live at Infrasound Festival in May 2013.

music by Tipper

visuals by Android Jones

video by Andrew J. O’Keefe II


Ed Cox – Bad Day For A Funk Soldier

5 Feb

The Drum & Bassed tribulations of a rabbit !

L.S.D // Trippple Nippples

22 Jan


Trippple Nippples is an electropop band from Tokyo, Japan, and you will love them !


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