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Thermal Aftermath

14 Sep

An atmospheric and mesmerizing voyage through the statues of Sally Resnik Rockriver courtsey of rob Steinberg

The Abstractions of Morgan Beringer

12 Sep

A beautiful, haunting, trance-inducing and marginally disturbing video art series. Morgan Beringer (featured here before) has uploaded 23 of 64 videos – each a strikingly unique composition – usually morphing photographs or after-effects generators with various aberrations & distortions with a hypnotic rhythm track. Watch the entire playlist and you’ll be entranced… I’ve shared some of my favourites here.







Stephen Thorburn videos from

7 Sep is a commercial psychedelic video website by conceptual artist Stephen Thorburn which sells DVD’s with psychedelic videos for various purposes such as parties, relaxation, and yoga.  Their YouTube channel has a couple of pretty nice ones of the hyper-colorful computer generated variety.



Gimme Pizza

29 Aug

Sometimes, when checking our archives to determine whether a video has already been featured on the Daily Psychedelic Video, I end up a little alarmed to find that I’ve stumbled across certain videos all on my own. I can’t imagine what led me to this particular find, but I feel quite certain that it belongs here.

The Quincey – Make It Right

29 Aug


Drive through LA in a psychedelic Cadillac in this music video for psych-rockers The Quincy. Visual artist Vinyl Williams has made this interactive world you can explore yourself… Download for OSX at 500mb.

Atardecer (2014)

15 Aug


Experimental video art by Emilio Gomariz, made on the Undervolt & Co. label with an ambient drone track by KNBS.

MELT – An AV Trip to Nowhere (pts.1-5)

18 Jul


Se Méfier! Melt your eyeballs with 5 short and sharp 30sec bytes of flashing, retro-geometric animation. You’ve been warned…







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