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Earth – Dream Koala (2015)

27 Jun


Streak past the ISS riding Aurora Australis and re-enter the anthropocene to these excellent Sci-Fi themed space and earth visuals, with some fractal and generative art to sooth us weary travelers from the outer limits.
[Mission Report:] Space-Koalas sighted near Hibernia-Major…

More Electric II (2014)

13 Jun


Ambient drone sounds reflect off the primitive shapes, conducting electricity.
A meditative piece by Shusaku Kaji for Japan’s digital video festival, DOTMOV.

Lorn – Ghosst(s)

13 Jun

Last week something upbeat; this week something dark and heavy. Balance is key.

Clap! Clap! – “Kuj Yato”

3 Jun

drop an ear and an eye to this Neo Shamanik Vaudoo electro style !

Actress – Bird Matrix (2015)

30 May


Them distorted, twisted Lovebirds from the psychedelic dimensions.
What realms do they occupy in their amorous inactivity?
Excellently weird video from Nic Hamilton set to music by Actress.



Toddla T Sound – “Acid”

27 May

AAAA – Blackfish (2015)

23 May


Exceptional undulating fractal moire goodness… A blood-red living coral set to fat beats by AAAA.


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