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Pimmelman feat. Boiling Piss & Meisterstufenkarton – Es Regnet

4 Aug

A fucked up fantasy.

Must be the Ganja / Eminem

28 May

Just because …

Temples – Shelter Song

26 May

Ferrofluids, art and sound !

21 May

Ferrofluids reacting to magnets and sounds !!

Even more psychedelic when mixes to water colors…

Dromos – An immersive performance by Fraction & Maotik

12 May

“Dromos aims to achieve the provocation of a generative accident in an immersive environment.” Dromos is a live visual performance created by composer fraction and visual artist Maotik. Shown in the Mutek festival 2013 it creates a stunning 3D immersive experience, which makes me you want to be there.

(Link: Adi. Thanks!)

Magic Carpet in a Casablanca church / Michel Chevalier

30 Apr

Magic Carpets 2014

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation
Music : Michel Redolfi
Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret
50 x 10 m / 164.04 x 32.81 ft

Magic Carpets revisit the tradition of the Islamic art, in particular the mosaic and the carpets.
A huge light carpet covers the floor of Sacré Coeur church. When the viewer moves, the trajectory of the curves is disrupted under their feet.
This world of colors and forms in movement, invites us into the magic universe of the « Arabian Nights » and the flying carpets with the music of Michel Redolfi.

Ed Cox – Bad Day For A Funk Soldier

5 Feb

The Drum & Bassed tribulations of a rabbit !


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