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Common Room Animation Project

11 Apr

Paint Showers

28 Mar

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared: 2 (TIME)

7 Mar

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

31 Jan

“Sprout and the Bean” by Joanna Newsom

29 Dec

Joanna Newsom crafts fragile psychedelic folk tunes. Both music and lyrics to “Sprout and the Bean” are reminiscent of the solo work of Syd Barrett in their childlike, magical simplicity and playfulness. The video accompanies this very well with its chalk animations and the empty classroom and enchanted woods settings.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – Another Leather Lung

6 Dec


Official video for The Sound of Animals Fighting’s “Another Leather Lung” from the album, The Ocean and The Sun.

This video was created and animated by Eric Stodolnik using acclaimed Russian painter Vasily Kafanov’s large body of work to bring The song to life. Enjoy.

Lost Lander – Wonderful World

22 Nov


This is said to be “The additive evolution of prime numbers.” – I just think this is beautiful and sparks many emotions. Hope you Enjoy :)

Music by Lost Lander


Video by Stefan Nadelman


“Wonderful” by The Beta Band

10 Nov

Here comes another wonderful entry for our popular psychedelic typography category!

Usagi Drop Ending and Intro

13 Oct

Both the ending and the intro of the anime series Usagi Drop (2011) are of a very childlike and heartwarming psychedelic style. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Eva for the suggestion)

1923 aka Heaven (by Max Hattler)

1 Sep

This is a two-minute version of an endless loop.

Max Hattler’s work has been featured on this site several times before. Check it out here and here.

Check out it’s twin animation loop 1925 aka Hell here.


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