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Bjork “Black Lake” directed by Andrew Huang

26 Jun

Following up on last week’s post featuring another recent pairing of Andrew Huang and Bjork, here’s a recently released video from the MOMA show. Andrew is quoted as saying, “I’m very proud of ‘Black Lake’,” says Los Angeles fashion and music filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang, who shot the video filmed in Iceland’s highlands for good reason. An article on the show appears in “Dazed” stating, “Björk wrote the song while sat in a ravine. It is our first chapter in creating the character for Björk’s epic soul journey about loss, healing and the promise of solutions.” You can read the full article here:

Bjork “Stonemilker” 360 video by Andrew Huang

13 Jun

Another wonderful pairing of Bjork with director Andy Huang. Navigate around the space using the arrows in the upper left corner. Lovely and moving, the video was shot on location in Iceland. I was lucky enough to have Mr.Huang as a student in my animation classes a decade or so ago. He was one of those students you just stood back and watched while trying to clear his path and give him access to tools along the way. He’s a very nice and generous guy to boot. Several of his award winning vdeo have previously been featured on the DPV including his short film “Solipsist” and music videos for Bjork and Atoms for Peace. Check out his website for cool behind the scenes footage:

Off the Air: Paradise (S07E03)

30 May

Aired in 2017.

List of videos in this episode:

Intro animation by Ricky Jonsson Jr.
Interstitials by Sam Hochman and Kristel Brinshot
Isla’s Day by Jeremy Sengly and Winona Regan
Autonomous Paradise by Filip Kostić
SMITE by Thomas de Rijk
The Jungle by Joseph Melhuish
Yeasties by Jordan Speer, video processing by Robert Beatty
Pin Pon (gameplay trailer) by Theo Triantafyllidis
LadyPecs blasterX by Andy and Sam Rolfes
Selfish workers by Alexandre Louvenaz
Quiet Time by Elenor Kopka
Intergalactic Absurdism by Tea Stražičić; Server Ho by Andrew Thomas Huang
Basilisk by Geriko
Sunset by Ezra Miller; GIFs by Jeremy Sengly and Winona Regan

Best psychedelic videos of 2017

31 Dec

As in every year, the Daily Psychedelic Video celebrates new year’s eve with a selection of the best videos that appeared on the DPV this year.

How to watch these videos

We recommend dedicating an evening to watching these videos on big, high-rez screens, with good speakers and in a receptive, psychedelic state of mind. Let these videos take you on a journey.


MGMT – When you Die

MGMT have been amply featured here on the DPV in the past, but their new videos, which came out published this December is to our mind their masterpiece so far. While the tone is at times rather dark, the clip more than makes up for it with a strong tune, stunning, vivid imagery and animatic prowess. (Original post).


Nightmares on Wax – Back To Nature ft. Kuauhtli Vasquez, Wixarika Tribe

Back to nature in a powerful music clip which breathtakingly and effectively utilizes collage techniques to bring the point home about nature and the ecological catastrophe. (Original Post).


Tempest – Robert Seidel

Robert Seidel takes video mapping to the next level with this video that combines abstract video projections and immersive soundscapes with choreographed fog and water fountains. (Original post).


History of the entire world I guess – Bill Wurtz

In 2017 Bill Wurtz created this amazing video in which he tells the history of the entire universe in less than 20 minutes, from before the big bang and until the current moment. (Original post).


Lichenologist – Matthew Killip

An awesome video by Matthew Killip looks at the strange weird world of lichens following lichenologist Kerry Knudsen and his psychedelically informed ideas on lichens. (Original post).


Lillusion de Joseph – Mr.Klesha Animation

Go on a trip with some 19th century optical illusion animations (invented in 1832, this technology was called phantasmascope) brought to life and psychedlicized by Pask D’amico from Klesha Productions. (Original post).


Rick and Morty – Exquisite Corpse

2017 was the year when Rick and Morty went overtly psychedelic when Morty broke Rick’s vial of LSD. (Original post).


Optimistic Nihilism – Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt finally unveil their existential philosophy of ‘optimistic nihilism’ in this stupendous video which explains why one can find immense meaning and satisfaction in life, despite our growing perception of our infinitesimal place in the universe (Original post).


The Gate – Björk

Björk enchants again in a video from her ninth album “Utopia” directed by the masterful Andrew Thomas Huang and exploring on the possibility of love. (Original post).


Vini Vici Off Limits DJ Emok Martin Vice

A face flushed with light and color explores the possibility of video mapping on human face (original post).


The Infinite Now – Armand Dijcks

The mesmerizing Infinite Now brings together the incredibly detailed pictures of Australian photographer Ray Collins and turns them into an immaculate, highly-detailed film of oceanscapes (Original post).


Disjointed season one animation reel.

A series of short animations taken from the Netflix series ‘Disjointed’ about the life of an L.A. cannabis dispensary owner. The last minute of this clip which includes an animation by Hideaki Inaba arouses particularly stunning psychedelic ecstasy (Original post).


OK Go – Obsession

One cannot summarize a year in psychedelic video without the inescapable ‘OK Go’ video. This time the band performs together with an orchestra of printers to produce a great psychedelic symphony of printed bliss (Original post).


Populous – Azulejos – Emanuelle Kabu

Azulejo lovers will find much joy in this tribute to Lisboa’s Azulejo’s by Emanuelle Kabu (Original post).


The Velvet Underground, Nico – Sunday Morning

A 50th year anniversary video from for the Velvet Underground’s Sunday Morning (1967) gives a long awaited psychedelic video rendition to this classic video by the New York avant-garde group (Original post).


Some forgotten 2016-2013 gems

While we try our best, we can’t help but miss some of the fresh psychedelic videos out there on the web, and sometimes these get featured on the site a year or more after their release. Here are some of the best videos of 2016 (and one from 2013) which we missed in last year’s list.


Say Yeah – Kishi Bashi

A prefect poppy tune matched with immaculate 80’s style digital animation and a sweet story of a love that triumphs over all obstacles (original post).


Galantis & Hook N Sling – Love On Me

The connection between the poppy lyrics (‘girl put your love on me, Cuz I won’t let you down’) and the dancing Buddhist monks of this Thai temple seems questionable and weird, but that’s all for the better! (Original post).


Kingdom of Colours – Thomas Blanchard

Master of colours, Thomas Blanchard in another high-rez video which goes into the miniscule and infinitely detailed worlds of acrylic colour mixtures (Original post).


Pulse – Mike Oblinski

Cloud watching was always a favorite psychedelic pastime. Here you can watch some incredibly intensive storms which produce streams of flowing clouds in the sky (original post).


High and Low – Empire of the Sun

A Pet Shop Boys-like psychedelic trip in the shiny blue sky accompanied by Australian group Empire of the Sun. Video is by Roof Studio, and while this is all a bit tacky, the psychedelic goods keep coming. (Original post).


Je Suis la Montagne – Moodoïd

French psychedelia band Moodoïd in a powerful animistic song (I am the mountain!) (Original post).


The 25 Best Psychedelic Videos Ever

29 Dec

These 25 videos have been selected from over 3000 psychedelic videos which have been featured on the DPV over the past 7 years. If you are looking for our 2012 best of all times list, you can find it here.

Wild Child – Rillo Talk

One of our DPV favorites, this 360 degrees video by American Indie pop group Wild Child offers a simultaneously trippy and laid back experience from the landscapes of Austin, Texas. A great video to trip out and chill off with. (Original post).


Cycle – Kouhei Nakama

Kouhei Nakama’s is a gifted Japanese visual art director who creates beautiful and pensive computer generated animations, and if you liked this one, check out his video diffusion which was also featured on the DPV. (Original post)


Bonobo – Cirrus (Clip by Cyriak)

Cyriak, the web’s mad genius of consciousness-altering visuals, deconstructs 1950s style visuals and creates a complex swirling web of hypnotic disorientation.  (Original post).


The Music Scene – Anthony Francisco Schepperd (2010)

Anthony Francisco Schepperd is one of the most gifted psychedelic animators of our time, and the video clip he created to the Blockheads’ “The Music Scene” is certainly his masterpiece so far. Schepperd deconstructs reality into colorful vibrating splashes of color which reconstruct again into vibrating pieces of psychedelic flesh. (Original Post)

Getter – Head Splitter

San Jose DJ Tanner Pettula AKA Getter is a seriously screwing with your brain in this melting-point psychedelic video. If you liked this one you might also enjoy his sequel video to the toxic hamburger tails rip and dip. (Original post).


Mikhail Sadovnikov – Dance on the Circle

If we didn’t know this is real we wouldn’t have believed it. A spectacularly psychedelic technique of creating beautiful, captivating shapes with a clay wheel and water. Awesome! (Original post).


Jeu – Georges Schwizgebel (2006)

Multiperspectivism and multi-dimensionality are fundamental motifs of psychedelic aesthetics and philosophy.  Radically psychedelic, Georges Schiwzgebel’s “Jeu”, takes the viewer into a dizzying yet joyful world of ever-changing perspectives. It is in the second half of the clip that things become really dynamic and chaotic, as our perception of the world keeps re-orienting itself to the changing relations of the objects on the screen. (Original Post).


Memories of paintings – Thomas Blanchard

An exquisite work of meditative psychedelia, Thomas Blanchard’s memories of paintings delves into microscopic bubble universes and finds endless infinitesimal detail in the interactions between paint, oil, oat milk and soap. (Original post).


Terence Mckenna – The Message

Terence McKenna launces on an inspired rant about the psychedelic experience and it’s meaning to mankind, masterfully mixed with inspiring visuals. (Original post).


Coldplay – Up and Up

Coldplay’s UP and Up video, directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia is a surrealist masterpiece bringing together all types of disparate elements like cars driving on the rings of Saturn, a gymnast jumping over fields bombarded by napalm bombs, a ferry docking inside a bathtub, or divers inside a washing machine. Rene Magritte couldn’t have done it better. (Original post).


OK Go – I won’t let you down

Of all the crazy OK Go videos, this one is probably the craziest of all. Shot in double speed, with hundreds of Japanese performers on Honda UNI-CUB’s (Honda sponsored the making of the video) it defies belief. However, what you are about to see is real, even the most incredible patterns which emerge by the end of the clip. (Original post).


Dye ft. Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad

DYE’s “She’s bad” chooses a brilliant animal-world set-up for a femme-fatale story of seduction and betrayal. Exquisitely brought together with highly creative use of multi-layered visuals. (Original post).


Tune Yards – Water Fountain

The Tune Yards’s “Water Fountain” is a refreshing burst of psychedelic energy. Without too many fancy effects, the group creates a playful and wacky universe which makes you want to jump into the screen and join the party. (Original post).


OK Go – The writing on the wall (2014)

Ok Go’s The Writing on the Wall is a phenomenal masterpiece of disorienting optical illusions. (Original post).


Rollin’ Wang – Chick Chick

“Chick Chick” by Chinese singer Rollin’ Wang lashes the viewer relentlessly with bright scintillating colors and animal sounds. We love it! (Original post).


Liquid Stranger – The Gargon  

Australian artist Andy Thomas  has spent years “taking photos of plants, insects and machines and compositing them with artificially created form (…) corrupting nature with technology, by sampling sounds of the forest and running them through various computer programs.” A breathtaking video.

(Original post).


Micah Buzan – Mixed Up

Micah Buzan is an extraordinarily gifted musician and animator who hand-draws his material with an “acid pencil” as my DPV colleague Holographic Elf aptly called it. There is something intensely hallucinatory about both the spacey music created by Buzan, as well as the by weirdly transforming figures he brings to life. Buzan’s work has been amply featured on the DPV over the past years. You can check out more of his work here. (Original post).


Daniel Stoupin – Slow Life

Marine life forms such as coral and sponges live on a different time scale than we humans. To us they seem static and unmoving, yet these animals build coral reefs and are incredibly dynamic if viewed in the right time scale. This groundbreaking video by Daniel Stoupin uses pioneering and experimental methods to allow us to enter the slow time scale of these marine animals and watch them in action. Prepare to be awed. (Original post).


Libynthth – It’s My Beak

A bunch of ducks party wildly and colorfully in a video which reeks of pure mischievous and trippy fun. (Original post).


Bianca Giaever – The scared is scared

The perfect psychedelic children’s story which isn’t really a children’s story at all. Bianca Giaever asked a six year old what her movie should be about, then she went about and followed her instructions word for word. Language creates reality.(Original post).


Kanahebi – Slowly Rising (2015)

Japanese director Hideaki Inaba created this spectacular video showing mysterious underwater creatures performing their immaculate dances.

(Original Post)


Solipsist – Andrew Thomas Huang

Andrew Thomas Huang produced a number of dazzling psychedelic videos over the past couple of years.  Solipsist stands above them all. The video contains some gripping psychedelic imagery, exhibiting Huang’s unique psychedelic style and vision to a full extent. (Original post).


Rye Rye – Boom Boom

Baltimore rapper Rye created this hyper-psychedelic and fun version of Vengaboy’s Boom Boom. (Original post)


Psychic Land – 2veinte

Argentinian art direction and motion graphics design group 2viente produced this video spectacular and cheerful video that serves as a veritable psychedelic treat for any time. (Original post).


A bird ballet

The fractals created by the birds in the sky can sometimes be more beautiful than anything ever created with the flashiest CGI effects. (Original post).

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2012 in Psychedelic Video – The Best Psychedelic Videos of 2012

31 Dec

gangnam2012 was a very good year for psychedelic video, which is not surprising. The revolution in the means of video production and dissemination which occurred in recent years through the introduction of evermore powerful computers and the appearance of  YouTube have led us to a point where more and more psychedelic videos are produced and disseminated each year. When you combine this with the ongoing assimilation of psychedelic aesthetics into mainstream media you get a year which was full of delicious psychedelic treats. Below are some of the videos we liked best in 2012 followed by personal selections made by the contributors of the DPV.

Psychedelic Music Clips

In 2012 psychedelic aesthetics kept penetrating into mainstream music videos and more specifically into hip hop. The most prominent example was of course Psy’s  gargantuan hit  “Gangnam Style” which featured highly psychedelic glowing colors and style (and hardly needs being presented to anybody on the planet after becoming the first video on YouTube to pass the 1 billion views count).

The psychedelic style was even more explicit in Azyla Banks’s music video for the track Atlantis in which the singer explores a trippy underwater world, riding dolphins and hugging seahorses.

Baltimore rapper Rye Rye released a hyper-psychedelic version to the Vengaboys’ “Boom, Boom, Boom” with electronic mushrooms and flying carpets.

Another spectacularly psychedelic hip hop video was created by Ori Toor, an animation artist whose work was featured earlier this year on the DPV’s list of best psychedelic videos of all time.

In this video, created for the Seattle experimental hip hop group Kingdom Crumbs, Toor further explores the unique animation style he presented in his earlier video “Lion in a Coma”.

Hip hop wasn’t the only place where things were happening, psychedelically speaking.

Bjork who seems always willing to incorporate psychedelic elements into her enchanting clips released a music clip to the track “Mutual Core”, Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, an extremely talented psychedelic video artist which we will encounter again on the “Psychedelic Video Art” segment of this list.

Another psychedelic music video we liked a lot was this dreamy and hallucinated clip to the song “Even Though” by Giraffage. Created by Brendan Canty, the video takes the viewer on a trip through the Italian countryside. This is probably how Toscana looks after taking 500 micrograms…

Psychedelic Television

2012 also produced some cool psychedelic television. Perhaps the most spectacular psychedelic TV show of the year was Noel Fieldings’ hilariously psychedelic comedy show which ran on the British E4 channel. Described on the Channel 4 website as “a psychedelic character based comedy show”, the series produced some of the most amusing psychedelic comedy that we’ve seen. Below you can watch the second episode of the first season. The rest of them are also available on YouTube.

Another 2012 television gem that you wouldn’t want to miss is the Mad Men scene in which account man Roger Sterling goes on an acid trip. This was a first acid scene in a series which is considered by many to be the most impressive portrait of the sixties ever produced on film, and which now in its fifth season has finally reached 1966/1967, the height of the 1960s psychedelic era. Mad Men creator Matthew Wiener gives the acid experience a beautiful and nuanced cinematic interpretation.

Psychedelic Film

There were a bunch of very psychedelic films released in 2012. Among them Ang Lee’s deeply religious “The life of Pi” and the Disney’s deliciously colorful blockbuster “Wreck it Ralph” and the French “Holy Motors”. Meanwhile, on the DPV we were particularly impressed by two psychedelic trailers for two non-existing films.

One of these was an animation video done in the style Huichol art for an Huichol animation film which will be based on Huichol folk stories. The result was a unique and inspiring mixture of the new and the old.

The second trailer we really liked was “Jihad of Muddaib”, a fabricated trailer for a film which was never even in the making. Based on Frank Hebrert’s Dune mythology the video mixes an electronic psy track by Silver Strain with sci-fi imagery, desert mysticism, action scenes and even some 9/11 references.

Independent studio psychedelia

Some of the most psychedelic videos of 2012 were coming from independent studios which devoted their after-work hours to bombarding us with breathtaking visuals.

One of these was “I, pet goat II”, a dark apocalyptic short film created by the Canadian Independent Studio Heliofant, which is “focused on creating experimental and challenging content”. Featuring the Bush and Obama dancing around as marionettes, and Filled with references to the Illuminati, free masons and of course the 9/11, the film evoked myriad complex interpretations which sought to decipher its symbolism.

On the lighter side of things, the Argentinian art direction and motion graphics design group 2viente produced “Psychic Land” a spectacular and cheerful video that truly deserves to be called a psychedelic treat.

Psychedelic video art

Andrew Thomas Huang who also created the Bjork music clip featured above, produced a number of dazzling psychedelic videos of the past couple of years, among them Avi Buffalo’s spectacular “What’s it in for” video. However it was the Solipsist video which impressed us the most. The video which contains some of the most gripping psychedelic images we’ve seen in a long time, exhibits Huang’s unique psychedelic style to a full extent.

Amateur Mash-Up Psychedelia

Fitting to the age of web 2.0 and user created content, some of the best stuff out there in 2012 was created by web amateurs who created psychedelic video by mixing and mashing up pre-existing images and sounds into new and exciting combinations.

The psychedelic qualities which can be seen in Disney movies such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant,  Fantasia or Alice in Wonderland was already discussed here on the DPV, however the cheerful way in which this video connects these Disney sequences with the track “Contact High” by Architecture in Helsinki takes them to a whole new psychedelic level.

Another mash-up video which we found highly enjoyable is this one which mixes Daft Punk, X Jay and Silent Bob.

DPV Contributors selections

DPV contributors were asked to choose their two favorite 2012 videos from the ones they featured during the past year. Here are their selections:

Boaz Yaniv

Phadroid at Black Rock City & Fatty Fatty Boom Boom:

The two videos I chose from the videos I featured on the DPV in 2012 are of Phadroid (Android Jones and his wife Phaedrana Jones) and Die Antwoord (Ninja and Yolanda). The reason I chose these videos from all the mind blowing colorful videos is that for me they represent a lot of the things I look for when I search for interesting videos to feature on the site. For me it’s not only about colors, spirals and high-tech visualization (though I do love all of that) but it’s about finding new cutting edge contemporary visionary artists. The DPV creates an archive for contemporary psychedelic art and as such it serves as a platform where the psy community worldwide can find out about psy-artists that work today. Android and Phaedrana’s shows can at last be seen by people that just cannot make it to the burning-man or to their other shows. Together they form a symbiosis of dance and visual effects that take the viewer on an exciting journey.

If Phaedrana stems from the hippie-trippy side of the psy world, Die Antwoord is a grass-root hood-psy group. Ninja and Yolanda create their unique ZEF world that includes music, fashion, dance and video. Their pop style might be misleading as they have quite a subversive message that they convey about the pop world we live in (check out their interview on YouTube to understand more of what I’m talking about). Some people challenged Die Antwoord’s authenticity as a band. I say it doesn’t matter if they even exist as a band. Die Antwoord are performance artists more than anything else. They submit themselves totally and wholeheartedly towards the ZEF salvation!



Orphic Oxtra – Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof

2012 is the year that brought us the epic “Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof” by the Icelandic group Orphic Oxtra. When I first posted the video it was lots of silly fun, but now at the end of the year another  thing became clear: with its meme-friendly ever dancing, ever smiling plastic tiara princess (and let’s not forget its slightly curious donkey and much more curious white cat) “Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof” moved a step beyond your everyday “exploding clouds of million colors”-clip and showed us what a psychedelic video in the meme-bubble bursting YouTube galaxy of 2012 had to look like.
YouTube user starwarsnerd94 suggested: “This should be a mandatory introduction video to the internet. It would let everyone know what they’re getting into.” And while you still might not be certain what you just witnessed, don’t forget to enjoy that beautiful music.

New Tokyo Ondo

Misaki Uwabo’s animation New Tokyo Ondo needs more exposure. Its style is both refined and bold, the imagery at the same time well-informed and fresh. I especially enjoyed its skillful merging of functions of cultural signs with psychedelic anti-tropes (like dissolution of boundaries or stream of consciousness non-progression) without dismissing one for the other. This non-exclusive attitude is very characteristic for the development of psychedelic aesthetics in 2012.
According to little background information I was able to gather (this side of the language barrier), New Tokyo Ondo is a  “nonsense animation conceived and made from the idiom ‘it reaches’.” The way a whole swirling world is set free from the worn off detail of
an idiom expresses a lot of what could be called “psychedelic spirit”.


Hyperspace Visuals

As a Vj, I consider this excerpt as an good example of what telling a story should be during a show. Here is a great variation of psychedelic vjaying around “borderless” space!


In their visions, ayahuasca shamans say they see the essences that animate living beings, the first property of which is to emit melodies. These essences are considered powerful beings, and ayahuasqueros learn their melodies by singing along. Singing like powerful beings, they learn to see like them, and this gives them knowledge. The melodies that shamans bring back from their visions are called “icaros”; they help navigate the space of ayahuasca consciousness, and can also serve as lifelines when overwhelmed by visions. A film by Stephan Crasneanscki.

Holographic Elf

Jack Fried – Sick Leave

Jake Fried put out two amazing animations in 2012 and I felt like I could have chosen either one of them (Waiting Room being the other). With Sick Leave he added color to his intense stream of consciousness style. This audiovisual outpouring is certainly not your everyday mental chatter, but fluctuates between mundane situations and archetypal visionary experiences. The visual content might be taken from myths and stories read from books, but I believe an artist can just as well base them on direct experience. Animation can act as shamanic language – there is no need to point out or name anything.

X by Max Hattler

Max Hattler has become a favorite here at DPV. X has him as director and animator with five other animators, including Tony Comley of Verse  fame.

I would actually suggest watching Verse along with X and comparing the execution. The aesthetic of X is minimal wireframe, computer-generated to the extreme, but if you look at the choreography; it is practically indistinguishable from human thought particles zipping inside the mind. While being completely different from the raw technique of Jake Fried, the production does not feel at all artificial or automatic.


Continuum Infinitum

To me, this video materializes the enfolded dimensions which are accessed with the assistance of tryptamine hallucinogens. As if falling forward through a tunnel which turns back on itself, this looping animation is a cogent representation of altered state perception. The imagery is somewhere between ancient Mayan and Tibetan iconography, with an added biological feel; almost like an organic mandala. I look forward to seeing more from this motion-graphics artist.

Daedelus “Righteous Fists of Harmony”

This video presents elements of astral travel and lucid dreaming. The imagery which starts around the 1 minute mark is beautifully psychedelic and relays a sense of cosmic union and wonder. This is the kind of bubbling life of the universe that springs up all around us when our consciousness expands. The swirling and soaring orchestral music perfectly complements the transcendent imagery.


4 Apr


While I was discussing with a friend recently, I realized that dreams are a gate to real psychedelism,

one of the doors of perception, allowing our mind to create boundless landscapes, fractalistic cosmic inner worlds,

where you can listen how it’s smells good, stroke the colors and obviously taste your intuition…


Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

WINNER at SLAMDANCE 2012 of the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short

Original Soundtrack:

Cast Featuring: Mary Elise Hayden, Marissa Merrill & Dustin Edward

Executive Producers: David Lyons & Andrew Huang
Producers: Laura Merians & Stephanie Marshall
Cinematographer: Laura Merians
Production Designer: Hugh Zeigler
Costume Designer: Lindsey Mortensen
Hair & Makeup Designer: Jennifer Cunningham
Sound Design & Original Score: Andrew Huang

A Moo Studios & Future You Production

Copyright 2012 Andrew Huang All Rights Reserved.

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