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A few shorts by Anthony Francisco Schepperd

30 Apr

Anthony Francisco Scheppered landed a number 8 on last week’s list of “Top 50 Psychedelic Videos of all time“. Schepperd is one of the most gifted psychedelic animators today. These three short videos, excerpts really, are enough to recognize the scope of his talent.

The Music Scene – Blockheads / Anthony Francisco Schepperd

28 Jun

Wow! An extremely orgiastic splashing of colors in this one! The whole world is dissected and reassembled into glowing color figures in this absolutely amazing psychedelic video created by Anthony Fransisco Schepperd for the Blockheads track “The music scene”.

(Link: Alli Gallixsee. Thanks!)

“Disjointed” season one animation reel- directed by David Hughes

8 Sep

Animated interstitials for the new Netflix sitcom about a cannabis shop.

Animators in order of appearance above:
Gabriel Mangold
Henry Bonsu/Damil Bryant
Anthony Schepperd
Sol Burbridge & Greg Arden of Bent Image
Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Taras Hrabowsky
Masanobu Hiraoka
Jake Fried
Harry Teitelman
Hideki Inaba

Song Artists in order of above:
Flying Lotus
The Meters
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Jon Hopkins
Jenny Hval
A. Scriabin

And special thanks to Titmouse and Megan Love for their advise and assistance.

The best psychedelic videos of 2015

31 Dec

Screenshot 2015-12-31 10.08.55Goodbye 2015, hello 2016. As in every year’s end, the daily psychedelic video is proud to present you with the only list of the best psychedelic videos of the year. This year’s list was meticulously selected from a list of over 500 videos which were featured on the DPV in 2015, and it’s more colorful and hypnotizing than ever.

How to watch these videos

We recommend dedicating a psychedelic evening to watching these videos on big, sharp screens, with good speakers and in a receptive, psychedelic state of mind. These videos are not for intended for standard YouTube watching. They can be viewed this way, but they are much better when you let them take you on a journey. They are about the total and ultimate experience, letting go and merging with the shapes and colors on the screen.

Over the years members of the DPV have arranged many psychedelic video screenings both official and for friends. It is always an amazing-mind blowing experience. If you arrange a similar psychedelic videos screening, please take a picture of it and post it on Facebook, tagging our Facebook page.


When I was done dying – Dan Deacon

Nine of the world’s trippiest, most psychedelic animators collaborated on “When I was done dying”, including Jake Fried, Chad Vangaalen and Anthony Schepperd. The result is a fantastic mixture of styles that still works superbly as a unified piece. (Original post)

Janzliker – Micah Buzan

Michah Buzan says he doesn’t do drugs, yet his videos are hyper-psychedelic journeys to alternate realities. In this one, Buzan created a mesmerizing and disturbing rendition to a song by Pala Leda, which he says, is open to interpretations. While he works by himself and draws by hand, Buzan’s creative output over the past couple of years puts him at the top of our list of psychedelic video artists you should know. (Original post)

Diffusion – Kouhei Nakama

What if people could have patterned skin like animals. Kouhei Nakama says they will have it, and this is how it might look. (Original post).

Dry Lights – Xavier Chassaing

Choreographed light meets organic landscapes in this spectacular video of an electric desert which comes to life. (Original post).

Don’t hug me I’m scared – Episode 4

The psychedelic web (quasi)children show Don’t hug me I’m scared released two new episodes this year. Episode 4, which makes some pointed critique on life in the era of computers, is funny, witty, psychedelic, and terrifyingly true. (Original post).

You Could Sunbathe in this Storm – Alicia Dunseath

Alicia Duneath’s graduation film from the London College of Art utilizes an masterful mixture of techniques, looking at the way we shape and are shaped by the world around us. (Original post).

The less I know the better – Tame Impala

The psychedelic Tame Impala does it again, and this time in a raunchy high-school tale which features a sexy teenager, a hot basketball player and a gorilla. We won’t tell you anymore but be sure not to miss the lusciously psychedelic colored body around 2:30. Psychedelic perfection. (Original post).

Inner Space Artifacts – Ben Ridgway

Ben Ridgway’s Inner Space Artifacts transforms “artifacts from inner space” into “moving digital structures.” These are glowing and shining alien-droid structures you want to move into. (Original post).

Berg – Kanahebi

A group of bio-luminescent psychedelic sea-creatures dance in an underwater cave, demonstrating great beauty and jellyfish finesse. (Original post.)

Crystal – by Delorean (Directed by Joan Guasch)

“Created from two 3D scanned characters, ‘Crystal’ is a psychedelic trip through different stages in a relationship.” Joan Guasch creates a confusing world of torn bits and pieces which float in space, advancing and receding in perfect harmony. (Original post).

People on the Sand – TRACA

Nicholas Tracanelli doesn’t want to go where people are slow. He only wants to be with people like him. An amusing psychedelic pop song. (Original post).

Ex Animo – Wojciech Wojtkowski

Wojciech Wojtkowski created an award winning and amazing hand-drawn universe of grotesque creatures and absurd scenes mixed with some powerful chamber music. (Original post).

Abstract 44 – Morgan Beringer

Morgan Beringer’s Abstract 44 is a work of psychedelic avant-garde. The abstract moving color streams might remind one of an abstract-impressionist painting which has been awoken to life,  and while some of you watching this at the office might find it difficult to see what the fuss is about, in the right state of mind, this video can draw you in and take you on spectacular journeys. (Original post).

Days of High Adventure – Open Source

Days of high adventure is a spectacular fractal trance universe of numerous (elf?)machines doing their thing. Join the party. (Original post).

Julius Horsthuis – Our Fractal Brains

Fractal master Julius Horsthuis gives a lesson about the ways fractals relate to the ways we perceive and think, in an especially stunning classroom. This video was not featured on the DPV yet, but we had another spectacular video from Horsthuis which you can check out here.

Ink Mapping: Video Mapping Projection on Tattoos, by Oskar & Gaspar

In 2015 the world’s first live event of tattoo mapping was held in Lisbon. Tattoo mapping is a technique which brings tattoos into life by projecting animated tattoos on them. Oskar & Gaspar created a spectacular video which documented the event and went viral on the web. No aftereffects were used. (Original post).

Subconscious Cinema – Dreamscience

Dreamscience masterfully edited a collection of well-known cinematic scenes into a powerful and disturbing video which manages to deliver a strong message while drawing from the collective unconscious of popular culture. This is how cultures dream. (Original post).

Understanding Perception – Beau Lotto

Neuroscience professor Beau Lotto explains how our perception tricks us into seeing not what actually exists, but what was useful for us to perceive in the past, and suggests how technology might enable us to challenge this perceptual fallacy. Director Steve West did a tremendous job translating Lotto’s words into a beautiful animation.  (Original post).

Grocery trip – Pouff

You cannot talk about 2015 in psychedelic video without mentioning Google’s Deep Dream artificial neural networks. When allowed to think in loops, the Google neural network algorithm dreams up crazy realities and lays them on top of our ordinary reality. 2015 was the year in which we learned how machines dream, and for some weeks the internet was swarming with Google Deep Dream videos. Some saw this as an interesting perspective on how human consciousness creates its own reality, while others considered this a proof that droids, too, dream of electric sheep. From the many Deep Dream videos out there we selected Pouff’s video which demonstrates how — for a machine — a walk in the grocery store might turn into a psychedelic mirage. (Original post).


Some forgotten 2014 gems 

While we try our best, we can’t help but miss some of the fresh psychedelic videos out there on the web, and sometimes these get featured on the site a year or two after their release. So, same as every year, he are some of the best videos of 2014 which we missed in last year’s list.

Pasarinho – Rainer Scheurenbrand

YouTube user Juan F created this beautiful video clip to Rainer Scheurenbrand’s Pasarinho. A good contender for the title, the best Ayahusca music clip ever. (Original post).

Draft Culture – Dorian Concept

Rhythmically moving Kaleidoscopic drawings in this video to Dorians Concept’s “Draft culture. (Original post).

Saint Joan – Husky

Lucinda Schreiber directed and animated this beautiful music-clip to “St Joan” by Husky. The animation is fairly simple compared to some of the things you see on the site, but it works great together with the song. (Original post).

Zuma Teaser – Sam Mason

The spectacular Zuma teaser takes the viewer to alluring imaginary worlds which might remind one of the works of Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Too bad it’s so short. It left us wanting more! (Original post).


Intrinsic Gravity – Still

This spectacular op-art demo video won the first place in the Ghetto Scene 2014. (Original post).

Other Earth – Pouff

Pouff’s other earth video might just be the best fractal video ever produced. We’ll let you judge for yourself. (Original post).

Conact – Vladimir Tarasov 

Finally, a trip back in time. Vladimir Tarasov’s “Contact” from 1978 is an old Soviet psychedelic gem which tells the story of a painter who is contacted by an shape-shifting alien. Almost as an instinct, our painter imagines the alien as a scary and belligerent creature, he runs away from him and only later, when he lets go of his fear of the unknown, does he find out this alien other can become his good friend. Drawn in s a style somewhat reminiscent of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, the film won a couple of 1979 awards. (Original post).


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Bonobo – ‘Eyesdown’ (Machinedrum Remix)

25 Jun

Another awesome animation from Anthony Schepperd.

(Link: Nigel Kent. Thanks!)

The 25 Best Psychedelic Videos Ever

29 Dec

These 25 videos have been selected from over 3000 psychedelic videos which have been featured on the DPV over the past 7 years. If you are looking for our 2012 best of all times list, you can find it here.

Wild Child – Rillo Talk

One of our DPV favorites, this 360 degrees video by American Indie pop group Wild Child offers a simultaneously trippy and laid back experience from the landscapes of Austin, Texas. A great video to trip out and chill off with. (Original post).


Cycle – Kouhei Nakama

Kouhei Nakama’s is a gifted Japanese visual art director who creates beautiful and pensive computer generated animations, and if you liked this one, check out his video diffusion which was also featured on the DPV. (Original post)


Bonobo – Cirrus (Clip by Cyriak)

Cyriak, the web’s mad genius of consciousness-altering visuals, deconstructs 1950s style visuals and creates a complex swirling web of hypnotic disorientation.  (Original post).


The Music Scene – Anthony Francisco Schepperd (2010)

Anthony Francisco Schepperd is one of the most gifted psychedelic animators of our time, and the video clip he created to the Blockheads’ “The Music Scene” is certainly his masterpiece so far. Schepperd deconstructs reality into colorful vibrating splashes of color which reconstruct again into vibrating pieces of psychedelic flesh. (Original Post)

Getter – Head Splitter

San Jose DJ Tanner Pettula AKA Getter is a seriously screwing with your brain in this melting-point psychedelic video. If you liked this one you might also enjoy his sequel video to the toxic hamburger tails rip and dip. (Original post).


Mikhail Sadovnikov – Dance on the Circle

If we didn’t know this is real we wouldn’t have believed it. A spectacularly psychedelic technique of creating beautiful, captivating shapes with a clay wheel and water. Awesome! (Original post).


Jeu – Georges Schwizgebel (2006)

Multiperspectivism and multi-dimensionality are fundamental motifs of psychedelic aesthetics and philosophy.  Radically psychedelic, Georges Schiwzgebel’s “Jeu”, takes the viewer into a dizzying yet joyful world of ever-changing perspectives. It is in the second half of the clip that things become really dynamic and chaotic, as our perception of the world keeps re-orienting itself to the changing relations of the objects on the screen. (Original Post).


Memories of paintings – Thomas Blanchard

An exquisite work of meditative psychedelia, Thomas Blanchard’s memories of paintings delves into microscopic bubble universes and finds endless infinitesimal detail in the interactions between paint, oil, oat milk and soap. (Original post).


Terence Mckenna – The Message

Terence McKenna launces on an inspired rant about the psychedelic experience and it’s meaning to mankind, masterfully mixed with inspiring visuals. (Original post).


Coldplay – Up and Up

Coldplay’s UP and Up video, directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia is a surrealist masterpiece bringing together all types of disparate elements like cars driving on the rings of Saturn, a gymnast jumping over fields bombarded by napalm bombs, a ferry docking inside a bathtub, or divers inside a washing machine. Rene Magritte couldn’t have done it better. (Original post).


OK Go – I won’t let you down

Of all the crazy OK Go videos, this one is probably the craziest of all. Shot in double speed, with hundreds of Japanese performers on Honda UNI-CUB’s (Honda sponsored the making of the video) it defies belief. However, what you are about to see is real, even the most incredible patterns which emerge by the end of the clip. (Original post).


Dye ft. Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad

DYE’s “She’s bad” chooses a brilliant animal-world set-up for a femme-fatale story of seduction and betrayal. Exquisitely brought together with highly creative use of multi-layered visuals. (Original post).


Tune Yards – Water Fountain

The Tune Yards’s “Water Fountain” is a refreshing burst of psychedelic energy. Without too many fancy effects, the group creates a playful and wacky universe which makes you want to jump into the screen and join the party. (Original post).


OK Go – The writing on the wall (2014)

Ok Go’s The Writing on the Wall is a phenomenal masterpiece of disorienting optical illusions. (Original post).


Rollin’ Wang – Chick Chick

“Chick Chick” by Chinese singer Rollin’ Wang lashes the viewer relentlessly with bright scintillating colors and animal sounds. We love it! (Original post).


Liquid Stranger – The Gargon  

Australian artist Andy Thomas  has spent years “taking photos of plants, insects and machines and compositing them with artificially created form (…) corrupting nature with technology, by sampling sounds of the forest and running them through various computer programs.” A breathtaking video.

(Original post).


Micah Buzan – Mixed Up

Micah Buzan is an extraordinarily gifted musician and animator who hand-draws his material with an “acid pencil” as my DPV colleague Holographic Elf aptly called it. There is something intensely hallucinatory about both the spacey music created by Buzan, as well as the by weirdly transforming figures he brings to life. Buzan’s work has been amply featured on the DPV over the past years. You can check out more of his work here. (Original post).


Daniel Stoupin – Slow Life

Marine life forms such as coral and sponges live on a different time scale than we humans. To us they seem static and unmoving, yet these animals build coral reefs and are incredibly dynamic if viewed in the right time scale. This groundbreaking video by Daniel Stoupin uses pioneering and experimental methods to allow us to enter the slow time scale of these marine animals and watch them in action. Prepare to be awed. (Original post).


Libynthth – It’s My Beak

A bunch of ducks party wildly and colorfully in a video which reeks of pure mischievous and trippy fun. (Original post).


Bianca Giaever – The scared is scared

The perfect psychedelic children’s story which isn’t really a children’s story at all. Bianca Giaever asked a six year old what her movie should be about, then she went about and followed her instructions word for word. Language creates reality.(Original post).


Kanahebi – Slowly Rising (2015)

Japanese director Hideaki Inaba created this spectacular video showing mysterious underwater creatures performing their immaculate dances.

(Original Post)


Solipsist – Andrew Thomas Huang

Andrew Thomas Huang produced a number of dazzling psychedelic videos over the past couple of years.  Solipsist stands above them all. The video contains some gripping psychedelic imagery, exhibiting Huang’s unique psychedelic style and vision to a full extent. (Original post).


Rye Rye – Boom Boom

Baltimore rapper Rye created this hyper-psychedelic and fun version of Vengaboy’s Boom Boom. (Original post)


Psychic Land – 2veinte

Argentinian art direction and motion graphics design group 2viente produced this video spectacular and cheerful video that serves as a veritable psychedelic treat for any time. (Original post).


A bird ballet

The fractals created by the birds in the sky can sometimes be more beautiful than anything ever created with the flashiest CGI effects. (Original post).

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Cody Alan: Heart Like a Rabbit

29 Jul

Directed by Anthony Francisco Schepperd for Cody Alan

Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi – Two Against One

27 May

Anthony Francisco Schepperd crafted this tale of a hunter and his nemesis.

The Top 25 Psychedelic Videos of All Time

26 Apr

Important: A new, updated and immensely more satisfying list of the best psychedelic videos ever has been published. Check it out here. 



2 years ago, when the idea was born to set up a website dedicated to curating one psychedelic video every day, we were still skeptical about how long one could continue, and afraid that after a month or two we’d run out of psychedelic videos to post.

Today, in the second year anniversary of daily psychedelic video posts, with more than 700 psychedelic videos on the site, it seems clear that there are many more psychedelic videos out there than any of us would have dared to imagine. Psychedelic videos are not a thing of the past. In fact it is clear that more psychedelic videos are being produced these days than ever before by professional workers and independent artists alike, aided by ever improving computer technology and by the increased ability to share these videos on the web. While we have a number of classic 1960s videos on the list, most of the psychedelic videos that appear on it are from the past 10 years.

Now, with the advent of 3D screen technology and augmented reality glasses, one can only imagine what these might mean for the future of psychedelic video and media. From first impressions of psychedelic media art created for these new types of media it seems that psychedelic media is one of the artistic genres which will benefit the most from the incorporation of a 3rd dimension into media as well as from the immersive media environments which will be created by augmented reality glasses.

After 700 videos we felt that we now have a preliminary basis to create a pioneering list of the greatest psychedelic videos of all time. To our knowledge, this is the first list of its kind. While there have been some lists of greatest psychedelic films, we haven’t been able to find any list for the greatest psychedelic short videos (If you know of one, please tell us). This makes sense because before the arrival of the web and sites like YouTube and Vimeo there was no infrastructure that enabled people to share and access short clips effectively.

So this one is probably the first, and we took the selection process very seriously (indeed, some people thought almost psychotically serious). Each of the editors chose 20 videos from the total 700 videos on the site, which gave us to a list of some 130+ videos pretty cool videos. These 130+ videos were then all ranked by each editor from top to bottom. The different lists were then calculated by our data expert in Barcelona (Thanks, Amit!), and this finally gave us to the current list. Enjoy.

25. Sing Sang Sung – Air (2009)

(Original Post)

Follow the black ball through the forest of lillypad mushrooms and seas full of diamonds. Air’s soothing sound is conjoined with psychedelically pleasant visuals in “Sing Sang Sung” and together they create a dreamy, comforting world where there is nothing to worry about. Directed by Petra Mrkyz and Francois Moriceau

24. Chris Casady – Pencil draw (1988)

(Original Post)

Drawn on 12″ paper with black ink pens and markers, Chris Casady’s “Pencil Dance” was assembled from “pencil tests” which Casady drew during an 8 year period in his day job as an effects animator. Casady has been responsible for the special effects for many Hollywood films during the 1980s and the 1990s, the most notable of which is 1982’s Tron. Casady’s “Pencil Dance” is full with imagination and energy It was awarded Prize for first film at Annecy ’89.

23. Corner of the Sky – Cut Copy (Unofficial Music Video) (2011)

(Original Post)

Corner of the sky shows the myriad forms of human life on planet earth, which is indeed very psychedelic.

22. Contact the Star People – Larry Carlson (2008)

(Original Post)

Larry Carlson is one of the most original visionary artists of our days. His Vimeo page includes a wide selection of highly psychedelic videos featuring extremely bizzare content. “Contact the star people” is an eerie collection of images and sounds, which orchestrate an uncanny, disturbing, yet curiously appealing, hallucination.

21.Birdfractals in Utrecht (2011)

(Original Post)

At some point while watching this video the bird swarms started looking like a computer animated screen saver. It took me a while to remember that it is not nature imitating computer algorithms, but algorithms that are imitating nature – or rather algorithms which are nature.

20. Pure – Blackbird blackbird (2010)

(Original Post)

Blackbird Blackbird’s Pure video evokes altered-state imagery that will be familiar to many viewers. The black grid lines, jewel-like colors, and hints of embarkation, observation, and approach are especially redolent. The patterns integrate into the subject matter to create a formscape reminiscent of hyperspatial modalities. The visual rhythm is cohesive and masterfully executed to compliment the Blackbird Blackbird song Pure.

19.Let Forever Be – Chemical Brothers (2003)

(Original Post)

Michel Gondry’s clip for the Chemical Brothers’ “Let Forever Be”, mixes disorienting special effects together with choreography to create a schizophrenic maze of worlds that collapse one upon each other.

18.The Devil’s Tuning Fork – DePaul Game Elites (2009)

(Original Post)

“What if you saw the world with your ears?” Devil’s Tuning Fork is a synesthetic psychedelic first-person exploration/puzzle game “in which the player must navigate an unknown world using visual sound waves. Inspired by M.C. Escher’s classic optical illusion and the echolocation of dolphin.”

17.Big Bang Big Boom – BLU (2011)

(Original Post)

Wall-painted animations are psychedelic in the way in which they make the environment come alive. Like psychedelics, they transform everyday landscapes into surrealistic environments teeming with bizarre and unexpected forms of life.

Big Bang Big Boom is “an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end”, and it’s one of the most amazing wall-painted freeze-frame animations we know.

16. The Holy Mountain – Alejandro Jodrowski (1973)

(Original Post)

The Chilean director Alejandro Jodrowski, is one of cinema’s foremost occult figures. Besides producing some of the most amazing surreal works ever caught on film, Jodrowski has a worldwide reputation as a tarot reader and shamanic healer. Jodrowski’s 1973’s Holy Mountain, his most exquisite cinematic work, remains an unsurpassed masterpiece of avant-garde surreal cinema to this day. The Holy Mountain’s original trailer features an array of exceedingly potent, bizarre and surreal images to dazzle the mind

15. Superflat First Love – Takashi Murakami (2009)

(Original Post)

Superflat First Love is the second of Takshi Murakami’s duo of Superflat commercials for Louis Vitton. (The first one landed at no. 9 on this list).

The Superflat creatures function as a kind of variation on the self-transforming machine elves which McKenna saw when he smoked DMT, inhabiting the portal of another magical reality. Murakami has a distinct ability to create gleeful colorful and highly psychedelic universes, merging them with consumerism and Japanese anime, Shinto magic and kawaii culture. It is a world in which cell phones can transport you into other enchanted universes, and if you follow the magical Superflat creatures you might just land in a different place at a completely different time.

14. Katamari Damacy – Namco Bandai Games –  (2009)

(Original Post)

The Japanese video game Katamari Damacy is one of the most psychedelic games of all time. The game, which follows a diminutive prince on a mission to rebuild the stars, the moon and the constellations, which were accidentally destroyed by his father, the King of All Cosmos, has inspired many highly psychedelic videos like this one.

13. Lion in a Coma – Ori Toor (2010)

(Original Post)

“Lion in Coma” begins like a “normal” psychedelic video, with the familiar psychedelic principle of constantly transforming forms. Then, at around the middle, something amazing starts to happen. The balance between the abstractness of forms and their combinations into recognizable figures which keep metamorphosing back into abstract forms is kept so fine that the viewer can choose to view the figures on the screen as just abstract forms, or as figurative objects. This makes for one hell of a viewing experience when you are high. And this all culminates magnificently in the last 20 seconds of the clip.

“Lion in a Coma” was the final project for the Shenkar school by the Israeli designer and animator Ori Toor whose work seems to be very psychedelic generally.

12. Levels – Bilal (2011)

(Original Post)

Bilal’s “Levels”, directed by Flying Lotus, is a majestically beautiful music clip, taking the viewer into a delightfully mysterious world of dreams.

11. The Taking Woodstock Trip Scene – Ang Lee (2009)

(Original Post)

The Taking Woodstock trip scene (begins at around minute 3 of this video) is considered by many (including this author) as the most nuanced rendition of the psychedelic experience on film to this day.

Viewing this sequence, I can almost feel what the protagonist is feeling as he slowly enters his psychedelic journey. The sequence pays great attention to the gradual movement into a different order of perception: the sublime glowing of the colors, the orgasmic shivers of the skin and palpitations of the heart.  It enfolds in a way which is typical for many psychedelic experiences: from the womb-like feeling of the caravan, into the magical world outside and onward into a spectacular peak experience where Jake watches the Woodstock crowd turn into one vibrating tissue and his eyes are filled with tears of awe and joy.

10. Cyriak – Hooray for Earth (2011)

(Original Post)

With more than 65 million views and 200,000 subscribers to his channel, Cyriak is probably the most successful psychedelic after-effects artist of our time. To the world of YouTube after effects animations today, Cyriak is what Eric Clapton was to rock guitar in 1966 London. His short and extremely popular videos, known for the way in which they eerily combine simple objects like fingers or cows, and transforming them into disturbing new forms, have revolutionized the instrument of after effects and turned it into a popular form of art.

Cyriak’s “Hooray to Earth” video (Made for a song by the band “True Loves”) is special in that there is nothing hideous about it. Somebody called this clip “Cyriak meets Minecraft meets powers of 10.”  The video actually features a sort of fractalic zoom through minecraft-like boxes of reality. The zoom in begins in a cosmic perspective, continues by zooming into planet earth, then zooming in to human proportions, and then into the eye of the human and further into microcosmical proportions where one encounters the same cosmic constellations within the atom again. Does Cyriak mean to tell us that all is one, or that the universe is one? I don’t know, but he certainly succeeds…

  1. Takashi Murakami – Superflat Monogram (2003)

(Original Post)

A Japanese Alice in wonderland falls down the rabbit hole in search of her cellphone and lands in a bizarre world of magical brands. This amazing Superflat commercial for Louis Vitton by Takashi Murakami is the first of Murakami’s Superflat videos  (The second is featured as no. number 15 on this list).

Murakami, one of the greatest artists of our time, brings psychedelia, consumerism, magic and kawaai culture closer than ever. A true gem.

8.The Music Scene – Anthony Francisco Schepperd (2010)

(Original Post)

Anthony Francisco Schepperd is one of the most gifted psychedelic animators of our time, and the video clip he created to the Blockheads’ “The Music Scene” is certainly his masterpiece so far. Schepperd deconstructs reality into colorful vibrating splashes of color which reconstruct again into vibrating pieces of psychedelic flesh.

7. An Excrept from Fractal Philosophy – Prophet of the Subliminal Phoenix (2010)

(Original Post)

DPV editors have seen a lot of spectacular computer visualizations in their time, but this excerpt from fractal philosophy was the only one to land in the top 50, and for a good reason. The video, by Prophet of Subliminal Phoenix is part of his experiments with fractal imagery and sacred geometric visualizations, which “infuses thematic imagery of flight and transcendence with moving mandalas” design in after effects. The result is a captivating video of harmoniously vibrating dynamic mandalas.

6.Bluberry – Jan Kounen (2004)

(Original Post)

Bluberry is a 2004 French psychedelic spaghetti western, and one of those rare films which are psychedelic from start to finish, yet it is the famous ayahusca visions scene that became one of the most circulated psychedelic videos on the web. Director Jan Kounen participated in over a hundred Ayahuasca ceremonies with Shipibo language speakers in Peru before directing the ayahusca sequence which attempts to portray shamanic experiences authentically, even using an authentic Shipibo shaman who chants authentic icaros.

5. It’s all too much – The Beatles (1968)

(Original Post)

The saturation of colors on the screen reaches such heights in Yellow Submarine’s “It’s all too much”, that it seems to echo the lyrics of the song.

“It’s all too much” seems to me to be a song about a state of serotonin flood in the brain, a glorious surge of joy and ecstasy. “When I look into your eyes, your love is there for me” sings Harrison “And the more I go inside, the more there is to see. It’s all too much for me to take. The love that’s shining all around you”. Love and happiness can certainly become too much when one reaches the heights of psychedelic ecstasy.

The images and sounds at the end of the clip, which close the story of Yellow Submarine, are for me the most spiritual and religious that the Beatles ever got to be.

4. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – The Beatles (1968)

(Original Post)

John Lennon reportedly dropped around 1000 acid hits during the late 1960s, which wouldn’t have left him much time to be sober. Although Lennon initially denied that “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” stands for LSD, Paul McCartney confirmed this rumor in a 2004 interview. But really one doesn’t need McCartney testimony to know who is “the girl with kaleidoscope eyes”, if one only takes a look at this video clip, taken out of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine film. It starts in a psychedelically colored sea of brains which flicker consciousness maps like “patriotism” (the American stars), “Freud” “DE SADE” or “Yes-No” and continues with psychedelically flickering art-noveau styled dancers, which echo the art-noveau revival of the psychedelic sixties. Yellow Submarine lands 2 videos into the top 10 list.

3. Superflow – Viusic Piece 11 – Happyday – Ian Clemmer (2010)

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I had the privilege of meeting Ian Clemmer two summers ago in Berlin and to watch this video in stereoscopic 3D. While watching it in full 3D I felt a sudden and unexpected surge of joy and pure energy sweep through my body. But even when watching it on a 2D screen, Clemmer’s animation based on the cosmic principle of “Superflow”, which he discovered, is none less than spectacular.

Clemmer can spend days talking about the Superflow principle, and its discovery, which was partly inspired by the John Whitney’s search for harmony (A video by Whitney appears in no. 47. on this list). Basically “it is a simple algorithm that works with creating hierarchy and changing the pivot point (center point of objects), and this simple algorithm makes many things possible, all within 360 degrees of rotation. At certain degrees linear harmonics are created where the initial shape is replicated or mirrored.”

Happyday is part of Clemmer’s Bachelor Thesis, which was dedicated to the Superflow principle. It is a part of a 12 video series, and you can watch the rest of those here.

2.Jeu – Georges Schwizgebel (2006)

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Multiperspectivism and multi-dimensionality are fundamental motives of psychedelic aesthetics and philosophy.  Radically psychedelic, Geroges Schiwzgebel’s “Jeu”, takes the viewer into a dizzying yet joyful world of ever-changing perspectives. It is in the second half of the clip that things become increasingly dynamic and chaotic, as our perception of the world keeps re-orienting itself to the changing relations of the objects on the screen.

  1. 2001: a space odyssey – Stanley Kubrick (1968)

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“I tried to create a visual experience, one that bypasses verbalized pigeonholing and directly penetrates the subconscious with an emotional and philosophic content. I intended the film to be an intensely subjective experience that reaches the viewer at an inner level of consciousness” said Stanley Kubrick about the closing 30 minutes psychedelic scene of his film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Back in the sixties people used to drop acid and go to the cinema just to watch the last half hour of this film. A true classic of psychedelic cinema, the final sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey leads us through inner hallucinatory terrains all the way to the cosmic embryo of humanity.

Special effects are all photographic. No CGI in this one.

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Ape School – Wail to God

20 Sep

Anthony Francisco Schepperd – the guy is just a regular LSD trip. This “tittyonary experience” was crafted before the Blockheads video.

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