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Secret Friend – Diving In A Sea Of Light (music video by Micah Buzan)

18 May

Micah is back with another wonderful journey presented in a melange of styles.


Secret Friend – Do You? (Official Video by Micah Buzan)

5 Apr


Another gift from the imagination of Micah Buzan.

Pala Leda – Janzilker (Animation by Micah Buzan)

5 Aug

Psychedelic and Weird Animation Music Video!

Musician: Pala Leda
Song: Janzilker
Animator: Micah Buzan

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I made this over a 2 month period. This animation is my own personal interpretation of the music. Pala Leda told me to just make whatever popped into my imagination, so that’s what I did.

It follows the logic of a dream. One scene was spontaneously animated after the other, yet it’s all connected in a way.

I tried to tell a coherent story with this one. I still have no idea what it’s about ultimately. But I like keeping things open to interpretation. People seek order in the chaos. We see faces in the clouds when there really are none. We’re pattern seeking creatures.

Sometimes I wish things could exist for the sake of existing. There doesn’t have to be a deeper meaning to everything. We know sleep is vital to health, but what functions do dreams actually serve? I have heard a lot of theories for the purpose of dreams, but it all seems more rooted in superstition than empirical evidence.

Again, we create purpose when perhaps there is none. Or maybe the purpose is beyond what are brains are capable of understanding, so our ignorance and conjecture is a defense mechanism against the incomprehensible.

Why is it so hard to admit “I don’t know?” It’s like our species has to know, or at least half-know everything, even if we can’t know.

I don’t smoke drugs.

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Alter Bridge – Cry Of Achilles (Animation by Micah Buzan)

9 Dec

This was an entry to a music video competition, but unfortunately wasn’t picked by the band.

Micah Buzan: MIXED UP

20 May


Micah and his acid pencils again!

Hand-Drawn Animation by Micah Buzan for “Look… The Sun Is Rising” by The Flaming Lips

21 Jul

If you are interested in recent psychedelic animation you should keep your eyes open for the works of Micah Buzan. This video for “Look… The Sun Is Rising” by The Flaming Lips won the Video Contest. But the rest of his stuff is by no means of a lesser fibre.

Micah Buzan – Heal the Weak

6 Dec

Hand drawn lysergic jamming.

Best Psychedelic Videos of 2018

10 Jan

Enjoy this somewhat belated list of the best psychedelic videos of 2018. 2018 was a great year for psychedelic videos, as we’re sure you’ll appreciate from these videos.

How to watch these videos

We recommend dedicating an evening to watching these videos on big, high-rez screens, with good speakers and in a receptive, psychedelic state of mind (possibly aided by a mind-alterant) with a group of good friends. Let these videos take you on a journey.

Psychedelia in Film – Supercut

This video created by YouTube user Hazy Dazy does not contain even one original frame – yet it is a masterful mix of psychedelia in film, amounting to an erudite and exquisite essay on the psychedelic effect in cinema.  What’s more, it’s also damn effective and emulative of the real thing. A must watch. (Original Post).

Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times – “My Computer Just Became Self Aware” – Uncensored

Trevor Moore created this hilarious music clip which tells the story of a dude whose computer got high on cocaine, DMT and a bunch of other drugs. (Original Post).

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Apollo

Danish group Asteroids Galaxy Tour stunned us again, with this spectacular video for their single Apollo. Wow! (Original Post).

“Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy” by The Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips released this video around Christmas this year. It’s been called an “acid drenched homage” to David Bowie’s and Bing Crosby’s 1977 collaborative effort (they originally released this song), with the band dressed as what some have identified as “futuristic alien knights.” We ourselves are not quite sure just what this video is about, but it certainly leaves a deliciously elfish impression on the soul. (Original Post).

“Drunk In LA” by Beach House

This video released by Beach House this year, masterfully utilizes special effects to create a captivating psychedelic effect. (Original Post).

Circles Around The Sun – One For Chuck

What an awe-some and awe-inspiring video Circles Around the Sun created here. It takes the viewer inward on a never-ending spiral of beauty and chill. (Original Post).

6-ION by Julius Horsthuis

Fractal Master Julius Horsthuis released two masterpieces this year (second one is next on this list). Horsthuis takes fractal aesthetic several layers beyond anything we’ve seen before, creating infinitely detailed spectacular landscapes that leave the viewer gasping. (Original Post).

BIRDS OF PARADISE – Eternal Recurrence / Julius Horshuis

The mentioned second fractal masterpiece by Master Horsthuis. (Original Post).

“Thunderclouds” by LSD ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

This awesome video titled “LSD-Thunderclouds” was released by Sia, Deeplo and Labyrinth this August and received hundreds of millions of views, proving once again that psychedelic styles and references can make their way into pop music’s most successful acts. (Original Post).

Sandbox Immersive Festival 2018

A visually stunning trailer to the China’s virtual media festival, “Sandbox Immersive Festival” showed again that psychedelic effects are continuing to trickle into Chinese media. (Original Post).

Larytta – Osama Obama

How could two people have the exact same day, and such different lives? Which is better, being Obama or being Osama? A tale about duplicity, the ironies of life and your possible doppelgänger. (Original Post).

BajaAjax – Commercial District (animation: Paul Plastic)

Awesome video by BajaAjax will not fail in getting into a chilly psychedelic mood. (Original Post).

Tal National – Akokas

This kickass video by West African group Tal National opened us to the vibrant African psychedelic scene with a fresh mixture of rocking sounds and colors from the black continent. (Original Post).

See the Stunning Beauty of Flowers Exposed to Fire, Ice, and Ink | Short Film Showcase

A breathtaking video by National Geographic mixes flowers, fire and ice. (Original Post).

Maniac Intro Scene

Also, Netflix released a new and impressive mini-series titled Maniac this year, and the opening scene… It was… damn! (Original Post).


Videos from past years published on the DPV in 2018

These videos were not made on 2018, but they were first featured on the DPV this year and we thought they merit your attention, so we added them on this list.

Kate Tempest – Europe is Lost

Wow, Kate Tempest blew my mind! This video is not psychedelic in the classic sense, but it is highly mind-evocative. And if psychedelic consciousness means anything, I think this highly timely, poignant, so true video by Tempest, tearing the masks off the current structures of global power and control is just spot on. (Original Post).

Journey To The Center – Bassnectar

Sebastian Wahl and Lake Media take you on mind-boggling a journey to the center. (Original Post).

James Hood – Tapestry

A relaxing journey along ethereal realities of beauty and calm. (Original Post).

Ward- Hiphopefullyzz (prod. by E&K)

A stunning journey into the depths of fantasia-land. (Original Post).

Etienne de Crecy – No Brain (By Fleur & Manu )

A hardcore journey in techno-landscapes. (Original Post).

John Hickman – Cascade – Official animated music by Michael Buzan

With all those computer generated graphics increasingly taking over psychedelic video, it’s always good to encounter a new gem by psychedelic master-painter Micach Buzan. (Original Post)

Junior Senior – “Move Your Feet

“Everybody, move your feet and feel united!” Quite possibly the best feelgood video ever. Just can’t listen to this without my mood shooting a zillion points into the sky. (Original Post).



“Cold Fear” by Moon Duo

10 Sep

This is the first part of a suite of videos Micah Buzan animated for San Francisco’s Moon Duo (you can watch the second part here).

The Best Psychedelic Videos of 2016

31 Dec

As in every year’s end, the Daily Psychedelic Video is proud to present you with list of the best psychedelic videos of the year, meticulously selected from over 400 psychedelic videos that were featured on the DPV this year. This year’s list includes some particularly awesome, mind-boggling videos, so beware!

How to watch these videos

We recommend dedicating a psychedelic evening to watching these videos on big, sharp screens, with good speakers and in a receptive, psychedelic state of mind. These videos are not for intended for standard, distracted middle-of-workday watching. Let them take you on a journey.


Japanese Donald Drumpf Commercial

Which better way to start our end of the year summary than with Mike Diva’s superb Japanese-style spin-off on the man who became the most iconic symbol for the quite disturbing events that swept world politics in 2016. Diva turns trump into a transformer style superhero that ends up blowing up the whole planet – let’s hope reality doesn’t turn out quite like that… (Original post).


OK Go – Upside Down

2016 was the year the DPV discovered OK Go. That is, the DPV already had OK Go videos on the site before 2016, but this was the year when we featured no less than five new OK Go videos, four of which made it to this list. The Upside Down video which was released this February was shot in 8 sections 27 second sections of Zero Gravity conditions, all stitched together into a one shot experience. Amazing achievement! (Original post).


Cycle – Kouhei Nakama

Kouhei Nakama’s work has already appeared in the DPV’s 2015 list of best psychedelic videos. In 2016 Nakama dazzled us again with his newest breath taking video “Cycle.” (Original post)


Coldplay – Up and Up

Coldplay’s UP and Up video, directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia is a surrealist masterpiece bringing together all types of disparate elements like cars driving on the rings of Saturn, a gymnast jumping over fields bombarded by napalm bombs, a ferry docking inside a bathtub, or divers inside a washing machine. Rene Magritte couldn’t have done it better. (Original post).


Kool Keith X MF DooM – “Superhero”

Kris Merc created this music clip inspired by Afrofuturism and comic books, using Doom’s mask and iconography as a reference point “as if time and space converged around these strange, sometimes magical tableaus and we were witnessing an ascension.” (Original post).


Secret Friend – Any Day Now

A hyper-colorful, almost epileptic but highly satisfying clip to Secret Friend’s “Any Day Now.” (Original Post.)


2016 ACIP Director’s Reel

Method Studio created this 2016 reel which uses dancing avatars to showcase the visual effects used in the studio’s productions such as motion capture, procedural animations and dynamic simulations. (Original post).


Grand Temple of Nature – Psychedelic Caleidoscope Mirrorlapse of Thailand

Created from video shots made by Chris Kramer on his trip to Thailand, this video simply mirrored the footage creating an incredibly enchanting world of reflections. (Original post).


Memories of paintings – Thomas Blanchard

Thomas Blanchard’s memories of paintings delves into microscopic bubble universes and finds endless infinitesimal detail in the interactions between paint, oil, oat milk and soap. You might also want to check out his making off video. (Original post).


Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom 2016

The universe is endless, as fractals never tire from demonstrating. The latest hardcore mandelbrot zoom, the hardest of 2016 according to the creators, takes you through 750 million iterations and up to the 1099 zoom. (Original post).


Ran Djan – Alyan Vaala

Most of the work featured on the DPV is usually original work created by animators and directors. Yet sometimes one is confronted with mash-up artists that manage to weave existing psychedelic videos into a creation that’s delivers a new and mesmerizing experience. Ran Djan’s Alyan Vaala is one case in point. (Original post).


Morpha Utila – Lale Westvind

Morpha Utila is a friendly hyper-transforming ambassador from the machine world, and it’s probably the most endearing machine you’ll ever meet. (Original post).


Secret Friend – Do You – Michael Buzan

Michael Buzan who was also featured in our list last year continues to create hallucinatory hand drawn animations. His Do You video to a track by Secret Friend follows a particularly time-warping far-out story. (Original post).


OK Go – The One Moment           

OK Gos music videos tend to explore a particular effect, principle or dimension of reality. In their latest release from November this year, the group stretch the dimension of time in a clip that took 4 seconds to shoot but plays for 4 incredible minutes. (Original post).


The Magician – Andy Shauf

“The magician bends the rules.” Canadian singer-songwriter Andy Shauf disappears and reappears behind the many layers of a proliferating and crumbling reality. (Original post).


Hyper Reality – Keiichi Matsuda

Keiichi Matsuda created this impressive, scary video demonstrating how an augmented reality world might work, and the way it could hijack our very grasp on reality. (Original post).


Kurzegesagt – What are you?

Kurzgesagt (In a nutshell) is a phenomenal series of animated web videos which explain ideas and concepts in various domains such as physics, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, mathematics etc. Their video on the nature of the self is refreshing and mind-boggling rendition of the ancient question: what are you? (Original post).


Pelepe – Rail

Israeli video artist Ave has been featured repeatedly on the DPV over the past couple of years. His latest project Pelepe, together with his partner K. has supplied us with perhaps his most phenomenal video, which explores the relationship between public and artist, present moment and durable work, love and fear.(Original post).


Some forgotten 2015 and 2014 gems 

While we try our best, we can’t help but miss some of the fresh psychedelic videos out there on the web, and sometimes these get featured on the site a year or two after their release. So, same as every year, here are some of the best videos of 2014 which we missed in last year’s list.

Getter – Head Splitter (2015)

San Jose DJ  Tanner Pettula has released two melting-point psychedelic videos in the past year. If you liked this one you might also enjoy his sequel video to the toxic hamburger tails rip and dip. (Original post).


Freaky Flowers 2 (2015)

The second installation in the Freaky Flowers series takes a different perspective to the flower time-lapse genre, focusing on the wilting flowers, rather than the flowering one, and the results turns out to be no less spectacular. (Original post).


Kanahebi – Slowly Rising (2015)

Japanese director Hideaki Inaba created this spectacular video showing mysterious underwater creatures performing their immaculate dances. (Original Post)


Shabazz Palaces – Forerunner Foray (2015)

Animator Chad Van Gaalen created this kicking hand-drawn animation to Shabazz Palaces’ Forerunner Foray. (Original Post).


OK Go – I won’t let you down (2014)

Of all the OK Go videos to be featured on the DPV thus far, this one is probably the craziest of all. Shot in double speed, with hundreds of Japanese performers on Honda UNI-CUB’s (Honda sponsored the making of the video) it defies belief. However, what you are about to see is real, even the most incredible patterns which emerge by the end of the clip. (Original post).


Tropical Bleyage – Mala (2014)

Excerpts from indigenously themed films such as Apocalyptico and Baraka stitched together with a track from Tropical Bleyage’s EP Mala create an immersive and enchanting experience of penetrating a mysterious jungle world. (Original post).


OK Go – The writing on the wall (2014)

Ok Go’s The Writing on the Wall is a phenomenal masterpiece of disorienting optical illusions. (Original post).


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