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Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 6

24 Jun

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 5

15 Oct

By: Becky and Joe

Don’t hug me I’m scared, Episodes 3 & 4

28 Aug

Don’t hug me I’m scared started out like a fresh and updated version of classic psychedelic TV puppet shows like HR Pufnstuf and The Bugaloos. It was fun, upbeat, and had great and really funny and catchy songs.

However, as the series progressed it became more and more evident that there is a very negative undertone underlying the whole thing. There’s no one better then Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling, the creators of Don’t Hug me I’m Scared, in creating funny and brilliant psychedelic lyrics and visuals, combining it all with a catchy tune. However, for some reason, in the makers view, this colorful scheme must always be a disguise to something horrid which lurks in the background. Take episode 3 for example. It contains an amazing cheery and silly song about how wonderful love is, only in order to finish with some of the worst bad trip images that come to demonstrate that love is a lie. In episode 4 the whole episode becomes a even nightmare earlier on.

The popular internet show “YouTube Explained” has episodes analyzing on each of the DHMIS videos. They explain that the show is basically a critique of children’s TV shows, and additionally the 3rd episode is a critique on marriage and religion, while the 4th one is a critique on the internet age. That very well may be, but these videos still end up giving me the creeps. Don’t get me wrong, I still love don’t hug me I’m scared, but I for one do not think that behind everything beautiful in the world there is something evil and terrible. I can only hope the makers of DHMIS will ingest a psychedelic and come to this conclusion as well…

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4

2 Apr

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared: 2 (TIME)

7 Mar

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared – This Is It

15 Oct

“This Is It” is an artist collective from Britain and their video “Don’t touch me I’m scared” is a kind of psychedelic sesame street styled children show about getting creative, which is on of the most hilarious things we’ve seen in a while.

(Link: Yaron Broide. Thanks!)

“What if the Yellow Guy had a dream???”- Peter Millard

24 Feb

Animator Peter Millard peeks inside the bizarre interior landscape of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’sDon’t Hug Me I’m Scared’s, Yellow Guy.

The best psychedelic videos of 2015

31 Dec

Screenshot 2015-12-31 10.08.55Goodbye 2015, hello 2016. As in every year’s end, the daily psychedelic video is proud to present you with the only list of the best psychedelic videos of the year. This year’s list was meticulously selected from a list of over 500 videos which were featured on the DPV in 2015, and it’s more colorful and hypnotizing than ever.

How to watch these videos

We recommend dedicating a psychedelic evening to watching these videos on big, sharp screens, with good speakers and in a receptive, psychedelic state of mind. These videos are not for intended for standard YouTube watching. They can be viewed this way, but they are much better when you let them take you on a journey. They are about the total and ultimate experience, letting go and merging with the shapes and colors on the screen.

Over the years members of the DPV have arranged many psychedelic video screenings both official and for friends. It is always an amazing-mind blowing experience. If you arrange a similar psychedelic videos screening, please take a picture of it and post it on Facebook, tagging our Facebook page.


When I was done dying – Dan Deacon

Nine of the world’s trippiest, most psychedelic animators collaborated on “When I was done dying”, including Jake Fried, Chad Vangaalen and Anthony Schepperd. The result is a fantastic mixture of styles that still works superbly as a unified piece. (Original post)

Janzliker – Micah Buzan

Michah Buzan says he doesn’t do drugs, yet his videos are hyper-psychedelic journeys to alternate realities. In this one, Buzan created a mesmerizing and disturbing rendition to a song by Pala Leda, which he says, is open to interpretations. While he works by himself and draws by hand, Buzan’s creative output over the past couple of years puts him at the top of our list of psychedelic video artists you should know. (Original post)

Diffusion – Kouhei Nakama

What if people could have patterned skin like animals. Kouhei Nakama says they will have it, and this is how it might look. (Original post).

Dry Lights – Xavier Chassaing

Choreographed light meets organic landscapes in this spectacular video of an electric desert which comes to life. (Original post).

Don’t hug me I’m scared – Episode 4

The psychedelic web (quasi)children show Don’t hug me I’m scared released two new episodes this year. Episode 4, which makes some pointed critique on life in the era of computers, is funny, witty, psychedelic, and terrifyingly true. (Original post).

You Could Sunbathe in this Storm – Alicia Dunseath

Alicia Duneath’s graduation film from the London College of Art utilizes an masterful mixture of techniques, looking at the way we shape and are shaped by the world around us. (Original post).

The less I know the better – Tame Impala

The psychedelic Tame Impala does it again, and this time in a raunchy high-school tale which features a sexy teenager, a hot basketball player and a gorilla. We won’t tell you anymore but be sure not to miss the lusciously psychedelic colored body around 2:30. Psychedelic perfection. (Original post).

Inner Space Artifacts – Ben Ridgway

Ben Ridgway’s Inner Space Artifacts transforms “artifacts from inner space” into “moving digital structures.” These are glowing and shining alien-droid structures you want to move into. (Original post).

Berg – Kanahebi

A group of bio-luminescent psychedelic sea-creatures dance in an underwater cave, demonstrating great beauty and jellyfish finesse. (Original post.)

Crystal – by Delorean (Directed by Joan Guasch)

“Created from two 3D scanned characters, ‘Crystal’ is a psychedelic trip through different stages in a relationship.” Joan Guasch creates a confusing world of torn bits and pieces which float in space, advancing and receding in perfect harmony. (Original post).

People on the Sand – TRACA

Nicholas Tracanelli doesn’t want to go where people are slow. He only wants to be with people like him. An amusing psychedelic pop song. (Original post).

Ex Animo – Wojciech Wojtkowski

Wojciech Wojtkowski created an award winning and amazing hand-drawn universe of grotesque creatures and absurd scenes mixed with some powerful chamber music. (Original post).

Abstract 44 – Morgan Beringer

Morgan Beringer’s Abstract 44 is a work of psychedelic avant-garde. The abstract moving color streams might remind one of an abstract-impressionist painting which has been awoken to life,  and while some of you watching this at the office might find it difficult to see what the fuss is about, in the right state of mind, this video can draw you in and take you on spectacular journeys. (Original post).

Days of High Adventure – Open Source

Days of high adventure is a spectacular fractal trance universe of numerous (elf?)machines doing their thing. Join the party. (Original post).

Julius Horsthuis – Our Fractal Brains

Fractal master Julius Horsthuis gives a lesson about the ways fractals relate to the ways we perceive and think, in an especially stunning classroom. This video was not featured on the DPV yet, but we had another spectacular video from Horsthuis which you can check out here.

Ink Mapping: Video Mapping Projection on Tattoos, by Oskar & Gaspar

In 2015 the world’s first live event of tattoo mapping was held in Lisbon. Tattoo mapping is a technique which brings tattoos into life by projecting animated tattoos on them. Oskar & Gaspar created a spectacular video which documented the event and went viral on the web. No aftereffects were used. (Original post).

Subconscious Cinema – Dreamscience

Dreamscience masterfully edited a collection of well-known cinematic scenes into a powerful and disturbing video which manages to deliver a strong message while drawing from the collective unconscious of popular culture. This is how cultures dream. (Original post).

Understanding Perception – Beau Lotto

Neuroscience professor Beau Lotto explains how our perception tricks us into seeing not what actually exists, but what was useful for us to perceive in the past, and suggests how technology might enable us to challenge this perceptual fallacy. Director Steve West did a tremendous job translating Lotto’s words into a beautiful animation.  (Original post).

Grocery trip – Pouff

You cannot talk about 2015 in psychedelic video without mentioning Google’s Deep Dream artificial neural networks. When allowed to think in loops, the Google neural network algorithm dreams up crazy realities and lays them on top of our ordinary reality. 2015 was the year in which we learned how machines dream, and for some weeks the internet was swarming with Google Deep Dream videos. Some saw this as an interesting perspective on how human consciousness creates its own reality, while others considered this a proof that droids, too, dream of electric sheep. From the many Deep Dream videos out there we selected Pouff’s video which demonstrates how — for a machine — a walk in the grocery store might turn into a psychedelic mirage. (Original post).


Some forgotten 2014 gems 

While we try our best, we can’t help but miss some of the fresh psychedelic videos out there on the web, and sometimes these get featured on the site a year or two after their release. So, same as every year, he are some of the best videos of 2014 which we missed in last year’s list.

Pasarinho – Rainer Scheurenbrand

YouTube user Juan F created this beautiful video clip to Rainer Scheurenbrand’s Pasarinho. A good contender for the title, the best Ayahusca music clip ever. (Original post).

Draft Culture – Dorian Concept

Rhythmically moving Kaleidoscopic drawings in this video to Dorians Concept’s “Draft culture. (Original post).

Saint Joan – Husky

Lucinda Schreiber directed and animated this beautiful music-clip to “St Joan” by Husky. The animation is fairly simple compared to some of the things you see on the site, but it works great together with the song. (Original post).

Zuma Teaser – Sam Mason

The spectacular Zuma teaser takes the viewer to alluring imaginary worlds which might remind one of the works of Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Too bad it’s so short. It left us wanting more! (Original post).


Intrinsic Gravity – Still

This spectacular op-art demo video won the first place in the Ghetto Scene 2014. (Original post).

Other Earth – Pouff

Pouff’s other earth video might just be the best fractal video ever produced. We’ll let you judge for yourself. (Original post).

Conact – Vladimir Tarasov 

Finally, a trip back in time. Vladimir Tarasov’s “Contact” from 1978 is an old Soviet psychedelic gem which tells the story of a painter who is contacted by an shape-shifting alien. Almost as an instinct, our painter imagines the alien as a scary and belligerent creature, he runs away from him and only later, when he lets go of his fear of the unknown, does he find out this alien other can become his good friend. Drawn in s a style somewhat reminiscent of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, the film won a couple of 1979 awards. (Original post).


Want to see the best psychedelic videos of previous years. Here you’ll find:

The best psychedelic videos of 2014

The best psychedelic videos of 2013

The best psychedelic videos of 2012


The Best Psychedelic Videos of 2014  

29 Dec

And here we are again at year’s end. With more than 400 videos published on the DPV during 2014, we had more than a handful of psychedelic video material to watch in order to prepare this list. Luckily, this turned out to be a lot of fun. Psychedelic video just keeps getting better and better from year to year, and the psychedelic produce of 2014 was especially stunning. We’ve collected some 20 amazing psychedelic videos which were produced in 2014, as well as a number of extraordinary psychedelic oldies which first appeared on the DPV in 2014. Enjoy!


Psychedelic Music Clips

 Dye ft. Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad

DYE’s “She’s bad” is one of the most alluring and terrifying portrayals of the femme fatale that we saw in a long time. The mixing of the sex, blood, and the animal world of attacker and prey is made even more potent by the creative use of multi-layered visuals. (Original post).


Tune Yards – Water Fountain

“Water Fountain”, by the Tune Yards, a musical project led by New England musician Merril Garbus, is a refreshing burst of psychedelic energy. Without too much fancy effects, the Tune Yards create a playful and wacky universe which makes you want to jump into the screen and join the party. (Original post).


Chance via Circuito ft. Miriam Garcia – Coplita

The music clip for “Coplita” by Argentinean musican Chanca via Circuito, featuring Miriam Gracia, is an hypnotic montage with powerful shamanistic imagery with some   Mexican influence. Beautiful animation by Paula Duró. (Original post).


Dmitry Zakharov – Inside me

Based on a 3D scan of the artist’s body, as well as his internal organs, Dmitry Zakharov’s “Inside me” takes us through a beautiful and contemplative journey through the curves and bends of the human body. (Original post).


Murat Sayginer – Volans

A powerful and effective journey in the galaxy of consciousness, with plenty of psychedelic delicatessen along the way, courtesy of Murat Sayginer. (Original post).


Rollin’ Wang – Chick Chick

“Chick Chick” by Chinese singer Rollin’ Wang is probably the most shockingly preposterous video clip to come from the far east since Gangnam Style hit the web. The chicken song lashes the viewer relentlessly with bright scintillating colors and animal sounds. We loved it! (Original post).


Sebodah – State of Mine

Directed by Geoff Hoskinson, this superb video to the song “State of mine” by American indie-rock band Sebodah frets on middle-class anxieties of family, children and white-collar slavery, utilizing 1950s style imagery. (Original post).


Gnucci – Work

In 2013 Britney Spears taught us that in order to get anything in this world “you gotta’ to work bitch” in what seemed at times like a hymn written in honor of the work ethics of late capitalism. A year later, Gnucci’s “Work” takes a distinctly different approach, sticking sharp needles in the modern institution of work, with some hallucinatory nightmarish renditions of the contemporary world of work. (Original post).


Irma – Save Me

Irma’s “Save me” is an impressive example of how video projections can be used smartly to combine live performance with pre-coded visual effects, reinvening the whole genre of music videos. The song might be a bit tacky, but the result is altogether remarkable. (Original post).


Liquid Stranger – The Gargon  

This video to Liquid Stranger’s “The Jargon” was created by Australian artist Andy Thomas, whose fascination with the fusion of nature and technology is spectacularly evident here. Thomas has spent the last years “taking photos of plants, insects and machines and compositing them with artificially created form (…) corrupting nature with technology, by sampling sounds of the forest and running them through various computer programs.” A breathtaking video. And for those of you who want some more, here is another spectacular Andy Thomas video which was published on the DPV this year.  (Original post).


Micah Buzan – Mixed Up

Micah Buzan is an extraordinarily gifted musician and animator who hand-draws his material with an “acid pencil” as my DPV colleague Holographic Elf aptly called it. There is something intensely hallucinatory about both the spacey music created by Buzan, as well as the by weirdly transforming figures he brings to life. Buzan’s work has been amply featured on the DPV the past year. You can check out some more of his work here. (Original post).


Wild Child – Rillo Talk

This 360 degrees video by American Indie pop group Wild Child offers an impeccably chilly and laid back experience from the landscapes of Austin, Texas. A great video to trip out and chill off with. (Original post).


Psychedelic nature films – Daniel Stoupin – Slow Life

Marine life forms such as coral and sponges live on a different time scale than we humans. To us they seem static and unmoving, yet these animals build coral reefs and are incredibly dynamic if viewed in the right time scale. This groundbreaking video by Daniel Stoupin uses pioneering and experimental methods to allow us to enter the slow time scale of these marine animals and watch them in action. Prepare to be awed. (Original post).


Psychedelic Cinema – Darren Aaronofsky – Noah Creation Scene

Darren Aaronofsky’s Noah has been one of the most controversial films of 2014. Regarded by some to be a work of genius, and by others as a massive flop. Noah nevertheless supplied some of the most psychedelic cinematic scenes of 2014, even without taking into consideration the scene in which Noah (Russell Crowe) imbibes a cup of Ayahuasca in order to get a vision of the coming flood. One of these mesmerizing scenes, which is presented below, recapitulates the whole biblical story of creation and immortal sin in under 4 minutes of stunning cinematic spectacle at the center of which stand god, man and creation. (Original post).


Psychedelic Web Shows – Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2

Don’t Hug me I’m Scared is probably our favorite psychedelic puppet show ever! For those who don’t know it, Don’t hug me I’m scared is a kind of sesame street parody which mixes in some psychedelic concepts and disturbing imagery. The show is created by  the two British artists Becky Sloan and Joseph Pellingan. So far three episodes of the show have been released since 2011, but lately the couple has raised some money on Headstart so we can expect more videos in the future. The video above takes us on an incredible journey in the weird land of time and all its mind staggering landscapes. (Original post).


Psychedelic Art – Liferaft on a death trip – Android Jones and Tipper

Digital artist Android Jones is a usually better known for his art work than for his video output. Nevertheless, this time lapse video breaks the boundary between the static image and the moving image as it takes us on a unique journey through the artist’s creative process while he was creating the piece “Liferaft on a death trip” inspired by the forward escape album by tipper. (Original post).


Psychedelic short films

A Unified Approach to Grown Structures

One of the recurring motives of psychedelic visuals is the way mathematical patterns reveal themselves to us as beauty: be it the golden ration, the Fibonacci numbers or a certain kind of fractal. A Unified Approach to Grown Structures, created in cooperation with the MIT Media Lab, shows the natural forms that emerge and develop through computational growth processes that once again brings the point home: nature is data, and it’s beautiful. (Original post).


PES – Submarine Sandwich

Adam Pepsane, better know as PES, is an American film director and a master of the stop motion genre who was already nominated for an academy award for his “Fresh Guacamole” video. In his newest video, “Submarine Sandwich” PES continues to challenge our perceptions and concepts in a way that reminds me of how Timothy Leary used to paint the milk or the eggs in strange colors in order to challenge the perception of the visitors of his Millbrook commune. (Original post).


Guy Trefler – Not Mine

Comprised entirely of recycled imagery from our culture’s collective mind, Guy Trefler’s “Not Mine” is the ultimate mix of the symbols and logos that make up civilization’s subconscious. A colorful and post-modern pastiche of signifiers without a signification which demonstrates the replicated character of present day simulacra culture. (Original post).


Cyriak – Malfunction

Bizarre video effects master Cyriak comes back with another perturbing piece which mixes the idyllic utopia of the 1950s American housewife together with the unsettling and sinister presence of an “unheimlich” creature who penetrates the fabric of reality and disturbs the order of things. Brilliant. (Original post).


2013 Leftovers

While we try our best, we can’t help but miss some of the fresh psychedelic videos on the web. It is thus that some of the best psychedelic videos of 2013 were published on the DPV only this year. Here are some of those.


Mikhail Sadovnikov – Dance on the Circle

If we didn’t know this is real we wouldn’t have believed it. A spectacularly psychedelic technique of creating beautiful, captivating shapes with a clay wheel and water. Awesome! (Original post).


Urumadelvi – Psychedelic Afternoon

Who wouldn’t want a psychedelic grandfather like this. This is the ultimate psychedelic lullaby for all kids suffering from bad dreams. (Original post).


Klaus Obermaier & ARS Electronica Futurelab ft. Rob Tannion – Apparition Grand Finale

This  fantastic final part of the interactive real-time generated dance performance APPARITION shows the amazing, indeed almost incredible, potential of using video projections on the stage. (Original post).


Senaka & Gal – Car Wash

Senaka and Gal take us on a trip to the car wash and show us how even a mundane chore like washing your car can be a pretty psychedelic experience. A brilliant video. (Original post).


Lady Gaga – Fame Commercial

This one is actually originally from 2012 but seems to belong here. A hyper-hallucinatory perfume commercial by Lady Gaga. (Original post).


Sanctuaryasia – She’s alive, beautiful, finite, hurting, worth dying for

This one is actually originally from 2011, but we also felt this needs to be part of this list. A powerful and poignant message to save our planet now before it’s too late. It was never as easy to see Gaia, planet earth, as one collective living being, of which we are part of. (Original post).


Historical psychedelic gems

Finally, here are some older gems we’ve uncovered on the DPV on 2014

The Altered State of Drugachusetts

This 1990s parody on the psychedelic children’s show HR Pufnstuf is quite probably the funniest psychedelic sitcom were ever laid our eyes on. Hilarious! (Original post).


Daniel J. Sandin – Spiral 5 PTL

It is almost hard to believe that this video and its stunning visuals was created in 1979, in an era when computer generated animation was still making its first steps. Spiral PTL was one of the first pieces included in the video art collection of the Modern Art Museum in New York, and a part of its inauguration. An impressive historical exemplar from the then nascent field of computer graphics. (Original post).


An American Hippie in Israel – Amos Sefer

American hippie in Israel, also known as ha-trempist (the hitchhiker) is one of those cult films you’ll never forget. Shot in Israel in 1972, the film was considered so bad that it was shelved for a period of almost 40 year, until it received it’s first public screening in 2010, immediately becoming a cult film. The trailer can give you some idea of what makes this an hilarious cult film. (Original post).


The Bugaloos – Senses of Our World

This video clip from the early 1970s brothers Krofft psychedelic children show “The Bugaloos” is charmingly sweet and innocent, with a positive and beautiful hippie vibe. Too bad they don’t make children shows like this anymore. (Original post).


1950s Italian Motorbike Display

Back in the 1950s, the motorcycle squad of the Rome police force performed a riding demonstration that probably remains the most impressively psychedelic biking display till this very day. (Original post).


That’s it for now folks. Hope to see you around on the DPV where the good psychedelic stuff is always coming. We’ll be back again in exactly one year with the best psychedelic videos of 2015! 🙂

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