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OK Go – Obsession – Official Video

16 Dec

OK Go’s new video Obsession provides the psychedelic goods, as always.

OK Go – The writing on the wall

14 Dec


OK Go, are well on their way to being the most often featured group on the the DPV (definitely this year), yet this particular video is perhaps their most psychedelic so far. Like always the group takes one principle, experiments with it, then stretches it to unimaginable levels. Here they do this with wall paintings, painted clothes, mirrors and other physical objects.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

“The video was planned about two months before the set was built using computer mock-ups to explore ideas.[11] The warehouse set was located in Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, where the band lived during the setup and filming of the video.[3] It took about three weeks to assemble the set with the help of about 50 other people, including Kulash’s father; the same crew also helped during the filming and resetting of the course between takes.[12][6] During testing, they found that some concepts required fine tuning, such as positioning an apparent pile of junk as to resemble band member Tim Nordwind’s face at the right angle without losing the fact that the junk was still made from common household objects.[11][9] Further, Nordwind had shaved off half his beard to achieve an effect involving a mirror worn on his face, allowing him to appear as two different people.[6]

The concept of the one-shot was considered critical to the video as it provided immersion for the viewer in the unfolding of the video, making them more interested in the song.[5] Nordwind considered this video to be the band’s most difficult to film because of their involvement, including manning the camera and performing nine costume changes.[11][6] The film was arranged to put most of these complicated shots where mistakes would be made at the front of the video to reduce the amount of time to reset the warehouse for subsequent takes.[11] They had anticipated having 2 or 3 days in early June 2014 to run through multiple takes of the video, but production difficulties left them with under nine hours to complete as many takes as they could.[6] They made about 60 attempts at the single take, working into the morning hours, and completed the full run 18 times.[6][7][11] The final video is a take performed in the midpoint of the filming process.[6][11]

OK Go – The One Moment – Official Video

3 Dec

OK Go continue to stretch the limits of the possible, this time bending the one moment in a video clip that took 4 seconds to shoot but screens for 4 incredibly beautiful minutes.

OK Go – Needing/Getting – Official Video

28 Nov

OK Go in another, particularly lavish display of excessiveness  vandalize some hundreds of guitars and who knows how many pianos just to play a song that doesn’t even sound good in order to prove god knows what point, but on the way they bridge the gap between sports driving and music and again challenge our ideas of music and music videos. Crazy.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine – Official Video

19 Sep

OK Go in another one of their film experiments which take a principle and push it to the extreme, this time the domino effect… As usual there are psychedelic colors splashing, and as usual it’s difficult to conceive how this entire video was even made possible… Amazing

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down – Official Video

1 Aug

It is hard to believe that this video was actually made in one shot, and yet it was. OK GO with another mind-bending gem.

OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out

23 May

Okay go strike again with a psychedelic zero-gravity movie that was shot in one shot inside an airplane – no green screen, no after effects, no CGI. It’s hard to understand how this music video was done which makes it even more amazing!

OK Go – WTF?

23 Aug

This is a one-shot video, that to my opinion makes the most of the trail effect. I recommend the really sweet making-of video, where they coin the oh-so-useful term “Psychediculous”

Blame it on The Boogie

God Knox (KokoFreakBean)

23 Mar

For the 2nd week in a row, I am here to inform you that the legendary KokoFreakBean has started a new Youtube channel. Rumor has it, his previous channel was nuked by bots who took issue with the “excessive sexual content” of his videos. So, there you have it: robots can be just as dumb and puritanical as humans! LoNg LiVe k0KoFr3@kBeAn!!! (Watch everything repeatedly here: )

Yello: Frautonium (Lombok Remix By Ian Tregoning)

1 Jan

Animation by Dirk Koy.

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