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J Laser – Waves and Blades (Yoshi Sodeoka)

25 Nov

Spectrum Discord Number 1 (Yoshi Sodeoka)

21 Jan

Spectrum Discord Number 1 from Yoshi Sodeoka on Vimeo.

Sodeoka – Distortion III Preview (2015)

11 Apr


It doesn’t get more mind-bending and challenging than the modern master of video feedback Yoshihide Sodeoka… He’s just released the 21 minute video Distortion III: an eruption of noise, colour and AV complexity that will melt your visual cortex. It’s available for $5 as video on demand and download,  I’ve prepared to pay the ticket and take the ride in HD and so should you. I’ll see you on the other side…

Mutation (2014) Sodeoka

10 Jan

I’m having flashbacks to the dial-up days… Fresh AV from the master of mind melting video distortions Yoshihide Sodeoka, from his new video art collective Undervolt & Co. 

Off the Air: Dreams (S10E02)

23 Nov

Aired in 2020.

List of videos in this episode:

“Sick Of Being Honest” music video by Mike Diva
“Into Promenade” music video by Yoshi Sodeoka (credited as a short)
Terror Fervor by Phoebe Parsons
Dream World Fun World by Render Fruit
2 Lizards – Episode 2 by Orian Barki and Meriem Bennani
“Very Noise” music video by Meat Dept.
Dream Of A Dog by Maddie Brewer
Tofu Chan – Love Is A Fractal by Dylan Jones and Joset Gatti
Dreams by Anna Firth

Bug Powder

7 Jul

Overwhelming rant experience.

Video by Jimmy Joe Roche & Yoshi Sodeoka
Sound Design by Dan Deacon
Written by Jimmy Joe Roche

Always There – Cachopou (2015)

11 Jul


Fresh frames from Yoshihide Sodeoka’s latest music video by Spain’s Cachopou. Bring on the distortion balls!

The Chalk Line — Ice Cream Cathedral

15 Jun

Video by Yoshihide Sodeoka.

Finder Fantasy (2013)

4 Jan

When Finder dreams of freedom. This is what happens when you put LSD into your Mac’s optical drive… I think we both have too many tabs open.
Visuals by Emilio Gomariz and audio by Yoshihide Sodeoka.

Psychedelic Death Vomit (Slight Return) 3d

29 Nov
Welcome to the first of ‘Fractal Feedback’ – a weekly weekend posting of fractal spaces, feedback visions, generative art  and experimental visuals. Get your anaglyph glasses on! Much more pleasant than the original, Yoshihide Sodeoka is a modern master of analogue video effects, feedback and noise music. (Featured previously 123)
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