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Willie the Whopper in Stratos Fear- Ub Iwerks 1933

25 Jul

Another psychedelic oldie from the studio of Ub Iwerks. The character designs on this one are incredible. For more information on Ub Iwerks see my post from April 24th, 2015:


Balloon Land (1935)- Ub Iwerks

24 Apr

Take a journey to the clouds with friendly balloon creatures and trees that squeeze goo out of their noses. But watch out for that evil Pin Cushion Man!Ub-Iwerks

Ub Iwerks designed and co-created Mickey Mouse with his good friend, Walt Disney. After animating many of the early Mickey Mouse cartoons, including “Steam Boat Willie”, Ub and Walt had a falling out and Ub left to form his own studio. Iwerks Studio opened in 1930. Thank goodness!

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