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ORA Prophecy

Please accept the download of this new age message.

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Clouds, Trees, Streams – School of Life

Just stop for a moment preoccupying yourself, and get back to the broader perspectives of the clouds, trees and streams. A beautiful lesson from the School of Life.

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“The Ancestor” – Vancouver Film School Student Animation

Sadly I do not have anything seasonal to show today, but here is
A heartwarming animation depicting the idea of death and rebirth, done by Paola Cordova Casilla with visual media provided by Timothy Hahn.

Happy Holidays though to everyone and anyone watching this, and my this day be a joyful one 🙂

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Jim Carrey’s Bizarre interview

Those of you who have watched the recent Netflix documentary about Jim Carrey’s “Jim and Andy” know that the guy is an existentialist genius with many unconventional views and ideas about life, and the audacity to express them in public. Here is Carrey’s bizarre interview in the New York fashion week from earlier this year, with some original insights about the meaninglessness of it all. I love this guy.