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A BARQUINHA (Hibridos, The Spirits of Brazil)


If you happen to get to Brazil on a spiritual voyage exploring the entheogenic sacraments this magnificent country has to offer you shouldn’t miss A Barquinha (‘the little ship’ in Portuguese), the enlightened sailors’ religion. Founded by Master Daniel, a sailor who drank ayahuasca with Mestre Irineu and was granted permission to start his own spiritual line, Barquinha ceremonies envision those partaking in the spiritual ceremony as cohabiting a huge astral ship, sailing towards the celestial realm, and their altars regularly feature captains, sailors and other nautical figures alongside the customary figures of Jesus, Maria and the rest of the celestial court. Though the least known of Brazil’s ayahuasca religions, A Barquinha provides a powerful setting for entheogenic experiences, with its more laid back songs which are sung with a full voice and bursting heart. These videos are taken from the excellent “Hibridos: The Spirits of Brazil” series which documents the rich and diverse intersections between music and spirituality in contemporary Brazil.

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Fraternidade Kayman

The Fraternidade Kayman are doing some wicked daime (ayahuasca) works mixed with Umbanda (Brazilian spirit religion) motives in the center of the huge Brazilian city Belo Horizonte , and their YouTube and Vimeo channels are filled with quite mind-blowing videos taken from their ceremonies.

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Firmeza. A Ludovica Amati ss13 film by Asia Argento

Asia Argento, the daughter of legendary Italian horror film director Dario Argento, created a short film which includes a powerful scene of an ayahuasca ceremony and mixes Santo Daime songs together with items from Ludovica Amati’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.