Sailor Moon

27 Jun

Sailor Moon is one of the super-successful Japanese anime series of the 90’s (It also has a whole franchise of manga, merchandise and other stuff). It demonstrates the popular genre of “Magical girl warrior”, in which girl warriors release their magical or psychic powers through transformation sequences that mostly include magic rituals like… changing clothes.

Yes, you heard that right. In this genre  (That has already spread out of Japan), controlling supernatural magic is done by changing to the the right outfit. It’s hard to understand what is the idea behind this. Does it try to convey a commercial message? Or does it symbolize an inner mental transformation, like in “Synchronization” in Neon Genesis Evangelion (Another famed anime series from the 90’s)?

It’s only purpose is probably to look cool in the eyes of the girls that form the show’s audience. But as long as it is presented with psychedelic-like visuals of glowing colors and surreal images, it satisfies me! If you are looking for more clips like these, Youtube is just loaded with them.

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