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THX Trailer: Amazing Life

31 Oct

This one is a real beauty!

The THX demo trailer needs not a word to promise us “experience of a different kind”. In a way the psychedelic promise was always present in the way new media and new media technology did connect with our daily lives. It expected us to be longing for “new experience”, “new” in a way you could not have had it before. New technology did kind of guarantee you that it wouldn’t be just more of the “same old”. “New ways of seeing”, “new ways of hearing”! once you had to get lost trying to return home to your wife from a defeated troy, had to keep silent while your friends were eaten by a cyclops and stuff like that before you finally saw things with different eyes. But suddenly in the second half of the 20th century all you had to do was “tune in turn on and drop out.” The subject had changed. Experience had changed, indeed.

Everything is alive! all you ever need is different eyes.


30 Oct

I know, I know; it’s kinda old, but still – a true classic.

Bouncy Colorful Balls

28 Oct

I cann’t believe that I’m uploading a commercial… but hell this one is so beautiful. Too bad you have to be S*#Y  if you want to afford yourself 1.5 million colorful balls.

The Animated Avadhuta // ULTIMAYA

27 Oct

Salutations to consciousness from consciousness.

Here is an Unmoving travel through dimensions of perception. The elements of language are segments of the mind; can they be the structure of the world? On the fractal fresco of phenomena, the variety of all the symbols of oneness sprout and come to life.

The artwork’s basis is one 20 foot long hand drawing that took one year completing. Its backbone is the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are spread like seeds of meaning among the infinite canvas of random facts. Living beings are linked by secret strands of DNA. This Drawing of Babel, that some call the Universe, is called different names, like God itself: the Psychotorah, The ABC of the Absolute, Noah’s Archetype…
The movie shows one possible wandering through its maze.

The text is an ancient sanskrit advaita vedanta wisdom, which has been almost unknown even in India for centuries. Its title means: the song of the naked one, the sage that got rid of ideas and identification and sings out of bliss.

Mooji is a contemporary spiritual teacher who has a large number of videos available on youtube, bringing to life this ancient wisdom with stunning clarity.

It is like an act of love defying time to merge After Effects and Devanagari, the latest technology and the earliest recorded outbursts of insight into the depths of reality. This is as far as words may come to give a hint of the absolute…

The musicians are my music teachers, having a very high level in Hindustani music and an inner understanding of it.

Text by Sri Dattatreya
Translation by Swami Abhayananda
Reading by Mooji
Animation by Zottomerk
Artwork, Recording & Audio Mix by Nataraaj (Ultimaya)
Vocals by Shree Mariko, disciple of Pt Ritwik Sanyal
Flute by Suryaneel Lauth, disciple of Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia

Om namah shivaya

Farbrausch & Neuro – Masagin (2008)

26 Oct

A little demoscene delight for you, by German groups Farbrausch and Neuro. In glorious HD.
Full info on


26 Oct

Oh, I just love the work of Japanese psychedelic pop artist/designer Tadanori Yokoo. It’s not really surprising to find out he also did some animation, but still, it made my day.

Earth, Wind & Fire, 1976

poster for the movie The Trip (1968)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer concert poster, 1972

Jimmy Joe Roche

24 Oct

A few recent works revisiting psychedelic tropes by visual artist Jimmy Joe Roche.

The Intergalactic Underground

23 Oct

I think it’s time to reveal the psychedelic videos of DPV’s founder, Ido Hartogshon. His diverse enterprises include a political (?) party, a motivational course for personal and universal Geula, a birthday party for the whole universe, and a series of commercials that explain why marijuana is evil. and most of these are psychedelicly documented in his funny and extremely good vibe youtube page.

and here comes an intergalactic transmission:

The thumb print of god

21 Oct

As this turns to be a week in memory of Benoît B. Mandelbrot on the DPV, I decided to post this video about fractals. Fractals are not just beautiful colorful shapes, but a way of thinking. The fractalic aesthetic has a message: You can zoom in or zoom out but everything is exactly the same. The world is fractalic, Feelings are fractalic, space is fractalic. The first time I looked at the sky and saw fractals I felt like I was discovering the operating system of my mind and the universe.

Notice that the begining of the video shows the video feedback effect that is used in many of the art work that is uploaded to this site by Samas. If you got a video camera at home it’s something worth experimenting with, it’s a lot of fun!


Did you ever wonder how your computers dream would look like?

well the Electric Sheep Project will show you exactly what they look like, check it out!


20 Oct


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