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Are you shpongled?

30 Jun

As we go deeper and deeper into the third milennia we see a rapid growth in a holistic aproach towards concerts and raves. If you have missed the video of the new Amon Tobin show that was featured on this site before, do check it out —>

I cannot wait to see what will happen next in this field… we will enter raves and shows where the air will be literally thick, we will smell the music, taste it, be it. The future is here, enjoy it.

Chris Cunningham Work !

29 Jun

In a previous post, I presented Rubber Johnny, the experimental short movie of Chris, I wanted to introduce more deeply Cunningham’s work,

Mostly music clips, but also short movies and experimental psychedelic animations…

To summarize, here is the trailer of the really good DVD “Chris Cunningham director’s cut”, I advise you to watch ūüėČ

and then, I’d like to ilustrate his work with one of my favorite video music clip:

Love the message, love the song, love the way it is directed and played…

enjoy !

Malcolm Sutherland: The Forming Game (2008)

28 Jun

Canadian Malcolm Sutherland commands forms in this short animation.

Sailor Moon

27 Jun

Sailor Moon is one of the super-successful¬†Japanese¬†anime series of the 90’s (It also has a whole franchise of manga, merchandise and other stuff). It demonstrates the popular genre of “Magical girl warrior”, in which girl warriors¬†release¬†their magical or psychic powers through transformation sequences that mostly include magic rituals like… changing clothes.

Yes, you heard that right. In this genre ¬†(That has already spread out of Japan),¬†controlling¬†supernatural magic is done by changing to the the right outfit. It’s hard to understand what is the idea behind this. Does it try to convey a commercial message? Or does it symbolize an inner mental transformation, like in “Synchronization” in Neon Genesis Evangelion (Another famed anime series from the 90’s)?

It’s only purpose is probably to look cool in the eyes of the girls that form the show’s audience. But as long as it is presented with psychedelic-like visuals of glowing colors and surreal images, it satisfies me! If you are looking for more clips like these, Youtube is just loaded with them.

Kodachrome Film Test: 1922 in Motion and Color

26 Jun

This is one of the most magical things I ever came across in the www.  I keep coming back to it and it never looses any of its strange emotional power. The pulsing light gives an enchanted life to the dance of picture postcard poses and the color is such an otherworldly hue, you might think the apparatus just blushed because of the overwhelming  intimacy.

When we experience new technologies like the recent reinvention of 3d cinema, we feel a kind of psychedelic stimulation. This little film test might give us an idea of the thrill of the first color motion pictures.

What mushrooms did she eat?

25 Jun

The title of this video of this video on YouTube sounds derogatory, but after watching the video itself, it really makes me laugh.

There is something so incredibly cool about people who are really really stoned, or for that matter, maybe just don’t care about social conventions.

This girl is really expressing herself, and to me, this is one of the most beautiful things to watch.

Baby Jesus celebrates his birthday

24 Jun

This week, I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Being 33, which is of course the age in  Jesus died of the course, made me think of Jesus, and the time to be reborn.

A friend of mine shared this link on my wall, to congratulate me for my birthday with a psychedelic-pop-Jesus. I was mesmerized.


23 Jun


Rubber Johnny // Chris Cunningham

23 Jun

One day, I was working on a video/contemporary dance trailer, the guy I was working with showed me this short movie.
Then, I went out of my mind for a while…

This morning, I wanted to watch to a C. cunningham music clip (I will put on if them soon on DPV !) Come to Daddy (A. Twin).
and I reminded this experimental short movie !

Rubber Johnny is a six-minute experimental short film and music video directed by Chris Cunningham in 2005, using music composed by Aphex Twin. The name Rubber Johnny is drawn from a British slang for “condom” as well as a description of the main character, which explains the title sequence.
The concept for Rubber Johnny came from Cunningham imagining a raver morphing as he danced. The idea evolved to the present film, in which Johnny (played by Cunningham) is an isolated deformed (possibly hydrocephalus) teenager kept on a wheelchair and locked in a dark basement with his chihuahua. Given his situation, he spends his life imagining all kinds of musical psychedelia to entertain himself.

The film was originally intended to be a 30 second TV commercial for the Aphex Twin album drukqs, using the track “afx237 v7”. However, Cunningham grew to like the concept more and more and decided to expand the concept into a longer length (the original commercial remains in the film in an altered form.) The film was shot partially in infrared night vision on digital video. The film’s music is “afx237 v7 (w19rhbasement remix)”, a remix made by Cunningham; the credits music is “gwarek2”, also from drukqs.

The film starts out with a doctor trying to communicate with Johnny who merely babbles in response. At a given point, Johnny manages to just barely leave his incoherent verbal babbling for a moment and mentions that he sees his mother, saying “mm–muhmaamaa.” The doctor understands this and asks him if he wants her to come in. When this occurs, he begins to freak out and has to be given a sedative injection.

The scene cuts to a blinking fluorescent light, then to a mouse crawling over a press-sticker credit, followed by the title, “Rubber Johnny” which is seen on a backwards-playing scene of a condom being pulled off a penis.

Johnny is first seen leaning backward in his wheelchair with his oversized head hanging over the back of it. Johnny mutters a distorted “Aphex.” This begins the Aphex Twin track, and Johnny begins to rhythmically follow it, while his dog watches. His dancing involves him performing balancing tricks with his wheelchair, and deflecting light beams with his hands as he dances.

After a minute or so, a door opens and he is interrupted by someone who appears to be his father. During this, Johnny is out of his delusion and is shown sitting upright in the wheelchair, turning to look. His father opens the room’s door, yells at him unintelligibly, and slams the door.

After he leaves, Johnny is seen inhaling a large line of white powder. The video then becomes even more erratic and delusional, as if the effect of the powder has not only affected Johnny, but the video’s world itself. The music becomes more spasmodic remix of the previous tune, and Johnny now hides behind a door, avoiding the white light beams. Later, he gets his face smashed at high speed into a piece of glass, with the camera watching from the other side so that the elastic-like skin and even some innards can be seen flattening out onto the glass every time. This was done using prosthetic-based special effects rather than digital morphing.

After a while of this, he is interrupted a second time by his yelling father, after which the video ends with Johnny, once again, reclining back in his wheelchair and babbling at his chihuahua.

Advanced Beauty

21 Jun

1 of 18 by Robert Seidel

14 of 18 by Tom Scholefield

Advanced Beauty is an ongoing art project with a large number of collaborators. Their first release was a collection of 18 synesthetic sound sculptures. There are no news about any upcoming releases as far as I can tell.

You can see all 18 videos in their Vimeo group.

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