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Pond – Paint Me Silver (Official Video)

31 Dec

Alien party.

Throat Notes

30 Dec

A Christmas Carol by Felix Colgrave

Tales from the Trip S01E21: Pauly Shore’s First (and Last) Time Ever Tripping on Shrooms

29 Dec

Young Pauly had an emotional moment with his mom Mitzi while tripping.


Growing Concerns Poetry Collective – Come To Me Open (video by New Trash Collective)

28 Dec

Pallbearer – Forgotten Days

27 Dec

Dance of the Moon ~ Ecstatic Dance with Sophie Sôfrēē, Mana Mei & Layla El Khadri

26 Dec

beabadoobee – If You Want To (Official Video)

25 Dec

Directed by bedroom


24 Dec

Sexy vaporwave lady

23 Dec

one-click video green screen effect:

TAS Visuals: Immersive Visuals, Deep dive extended, Floating (2016)

22 Dec

A bunch of short animations from Austrian designer and artist TAS Visuals aka The Adventurous Spark.

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