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Metaverse [Official Music Video]

26 Nov

What does the new year hold?

Kaya Project – Zema Lasu

25 Nov

An older one from the great Kaya Project. Definitely check out their music.

Psychedelic Cyclic Sculpture by Lucy Devlin

24 Nov

Perhaps some kind of a four-dimensional being traveling through our plane.

Audiovisual programs with extremely short code

23 Nov

Tales from the Trip S01E71: When a Shroom Trip at the Spy Museum Becomes Much More (ft. Katie Molinaro)

22 Nov

It’s a thriller!


21 Nov

Tomcoben Train Station Space Time Warm

19 Nov

Space time disturbance.

Hudson Mohawke – Stump

18 Nov

Really cool new AI video for Hudson Mohawke.

Directed and Edited by @kingcon2k11

A.I by @Never_ever_never_land

Credits by @braviera

The Good Water: Tell Me What To Do

17 Nov

Music video directed by Craig Bush.

Elusive Canine Kai – Caverna

16 Nov
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