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Christopher Bono: Unity

19 Jul

The video is constructed from over ten thousand individual photographs by Tobias Stretch.

THE STIR / PRIMORDIAL SOUP – TV Tower, Berlin, Festival of Lights 2016

18 Jul

Entry to a projection mapping contest (more details).

The B-52’s – “Rock Lobster”

17 Jul

Hit song from The B-52’s and the album of the same name, “Rock Lobster”, released in 1979. This version in particular is the shortened version for radio use.

This music video really shows want it means to be a good New Wave band back in the day.


“LESS THAN” by Nine Inch Nails

16 Jul

We have posted about Jeff Minter’s Polybius (named after an urban myth) before; but now a custom build of the game is featured in the video to the new Nine Inch Nails song “LESS THAN”.

Enjoy your sensual overload!

Moon Duo – Lost in Light (Official Music Video)

15 Jul

San Francisco’s Moon Duo with a hyper-colorful animated music video.

“Hot Dog Hands”-Matt Reynolds

14 Jul

Big Data

13 Jul


By: Yoann Trellu / Keyframed

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