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Waiting for something special

22 Jan

I attended Stuttgarter Filmwinter festival this week, where I exhibited my work Pictures of Jap Girls in Synthesis. I was fortunate to meet Animation-Avantgarde-Programmer Thomas Renoldner who participated with his Annie Award (animation “Oscars”) nominated short film DONT KNOW WHAT. He is also a curator of several Austrian and international film events, including the Animation Avantgrade program at the Vienna Shorts film festival (submissions due Jan. 31). As you know, I like to dig out the old stuff:

Are We Here (Are We In Color?) by Natalie Palumbo

21 Jan

Presented as part of the Cosmix initiative.

Higher Peaks (feat. Band of Skulls) – Sick’n’Tired

20 Jan

Video directed by: Emanuele Kabu –

WaqWaq Kingdom – Doggy Bag

19 Jan

Legion – Pink Floyd scene (season finale S01E08)

18 Jan

Everyday Objects In Macro

16 Jan

An awesome video by Israeli visual artist Ben Quaniche.

The Other Side – Thomas Blanchard

16 Jan

An hypnotic new video by the master Thomas Blanchard. No FX, just ink and paintings.

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