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Pink Freud “Dziwny jest ten kraj”

31 Oct

Directed by Przemysław Adamski and Maciej Szupica
Additional graphics by M-City
Awarded Best Polish Music Video of 2007

Aurora Borealis

30 Oct

Something really trippy there !

Also, try this interactive video:

SBS Africa ident

29 Oct

By the psychedelic Aussies Mighty Nice.

Eye – Optical illusion

28 Oct

I’ve watched a number of videos which attempted to emulate the optical effects of psychedelics  through the use of optical geometry in the past, but this is by far the superior one. Watch the clip for 2 minutes, and you’ll be amazed at how transformed your vision will be.


Lou Reed

27 Oct

Lou Reed died today at age 71.

A Taste of Freedom

26 Oct

“A Taste of Freedom” is a somewhat unusual documentary film  by Dutch filmmaker Jan Beddegenoodts. The film is unusual in bringing together two disparate worlds: the lively Israeli trance party scene on the hand, and Palestinian West-bank demonstrations on the other hand. It provides some uneasy perspectives on the political position of the psychedelic underground, especially in a place like Israel, where talking about “Peace and Love” is more problematic due to a highly repressive political situation.  The film is not without it’s flaws, and the comparison between the two worlds of ravers and activists, stand at the danger of becoming overly simplistic at times, yet Beddegenoodts largely avoids this by remaining evocative and descriptive rather than judgmental or prescriptive. Overall, the film is well worth watching.


25 Oct

Awesome metaphysical silhouette by Simon Haiduk.

Visa de Censure X clip 1

24 Oct

and thanks to Yoel for the link 🙂

DIE FORM : Poupée Mécanique

23 Oct

This is the first commercial clip for Die Form, filmed by television team for a music TV show in France.

Erick Benzi : keyboards/Linn 9000 programm./arrang & mix.
Gildas Arzel : electric guitars
Vocals : Veronique Perrault (France)
Laurence O. was only an actress for this clip

Philippe Fichot said that exist 2 other versions of that clip.

Midnight Moment: “Eye Test” – 2×4

22 Oct

Warning: might trigger epilepsy or migraine.
Eye-melting op art by 2×4 design consultancy for the NY Times Square October Midnight Moment.

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