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First Of The Year (Equinox) – Skrillex [OFFICIAL]

just enjoy the sound…and appreciate the quality of the clip itself  😉

Director: Tony Truand. Produced by HK Corp

© 2011 WMG

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MGMT as Mental Mystics

This video speaks for itself! It features a psychedelic-style band, MGMT, discussing psychedelia in various surreal settings. Certainly one of my favorite posts I made here.

And less relatedly, when I got introduced to this excellent band it was by no other than the DPV. It was when their music video for “Time to Pretend” was published here (

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Mushroom Enhanced Kung Fu Fighting: Rag Doll Kung Fu

The original Rag Doll Kung Fu was an independently developed (by the now “game of the year”-famous makers of Little Big Planet) drug infested rag doll fighting game. It was blasting with marijuana leaves, explicit mushroom abuse and colorful space and time bending effects. I would say it was THE stoner-movie among video games.

You can still play it and there is a free-to-play demo available. Check out the games homepage.