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Off the Air: Journeys (S12E04)

18 Apr

Aired in 2022.

List of videos in this episode:

Blast Off by Rick Darge and John Weselcouch
Title credits by Cossa
Door on the Left by Kati Skelton
Lectures On Eternity by The American Standard Film Co.
Mike & Pima by Sam Lane
Couch by Emma Debany
Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul
Wednesday With Goddard by Nicolas Ménard
Excerpt from Solar Walk by Réka Bucsi
Earth Crisis (credited as Now I Know (Earth Crisis)) by Isaiah Saxon
“A Pearl” music video by Saad Moosajee, Art Camp, and Danaé Gosset

Note: This episode was guest curated and produced by Meghan Oretsky.

Off the Air: Bliss (S12E03)

4 Apr

Aired in 2022.

List of videos in this episode:

Jim Denevan’s “Angel of Repose” Desert X Allula 2022 footage by Lance Gerber
Light/Atmosphere Studies by Zach Lieberman
Let Loose by Erik Ferguson (credited as fergemanden)
Memory of Brittany by Benjamin Bardou
Unabomber Speckles drawing provided by R. Land
Glitter Bliss bokeh photography by Shawn Knol
Blessed by Cool 3D World
Polymorphic by Michael McAfee
Flow by Hideki Inaba
Wave Pool in China footage provided by Aerialcollection
Jim Denevan’s “Radiating Sand Mounds” footage by Brighton Denevan

An additional segment, Big and Small Night by Anna Seregina and Kyle Mizono, was commissioned for the episode, but wasn’t included due to time constraints.

Off the Air: Bugs (S12E02)

21 Mar

Aired in 2022.

List of videos in this episode:

The Spider by Milenics
KHEPRI by Carlos Cortes Reyes
Excerpt from Eyeballs in the Darkness (Credited as Tux and Fanny – Time to go) by Albert Birney
Pouffapiller by Pouff
Midnight Ash by Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma
Synchronizing Fireflies (Credited as Synchronicity (Thailand)) by Robin Meier & André Gwerder
Ant Invasion by Nicole Zaridze
Mosquito by Noah Malone
Earworm by Bryan M. Ferguson
Bugs Fly footage by Dr. Adrian Smith, editing by Tomer Baruch / Animals and Synthesizers

Off the Air: Nonsense (S12E01)

7 Mar

Aired in 2022.

List of videos in this episode:

Gabbagooblins by Joe Cappa
Nonsense Titles by Max Landman
“Weird part of the Night” music video by Louis Cole
My Pea by umami
Dewdge Center by Eoin O’ Kane, written by Brooks Allison
“We Go Back” music video by Winston Hacking
Pastor Josiah by Tom Mcdonald
egg touching (Credited as Touch The Egg) by Peter Millard
Fingertips by Phoebe Parsons
“Springtime Old Man” music video by Tsuchya Hoi
The Shrewd Awakening by TOMASZEWICZ studio
My Foe (credited as My Pod) by umami
Doomscroll animation by Maggie Brennan
“I Need to be Passed Away” music video by Surfies

Off the Air: Liminal (S11E04)

21 Feb

Aired in 2021.

List of videos in this episode:

“High/Low Agitation” music video by Mat Ball
Cazimi by Natalia Stuyk
Tennis Ball’s Day Off by Julian Glander
Tennis player footage provided by iStock (uncredited)
Liminal Space Recreated by Nik Maierle
Bette by Mary Dauterman
Music Theory to Explain God’s Abscence by Ben Levin
Beings in Between by Johnny Woods
Order & Chaos by Thomas Vanz (mistakenly credited as a music video)

This episode was guest curated and produced by Cody DeMatteis.

Off the Air: Touch (S11E03)

7 Feb

Aired in 2021.

List of videos in this episode:

Heart to Mouth by Bart Heiss
Quentin’s Secret Pelican Button by Sean Reynard
The Galactic Trial by Joel Haver
Absence by Alex Goddard
Manipulation 6 by Baron Lanteigne
Kaduna by Jacob Jonas The Company & Critics Company
“Color Me” music video by Martin de Thurah
Contour by Wow Inc.

This episode was guest curated and produced by Alan Steadman.

Off the Air: Moon (S11E02)

24 Jan

Aired in 2021.

List of videos in this episode:

MOON TITLE by Matthew Taylor
Moon Tube 1 2 & 3 by Jack Wedge, Will Freudenheim and Sophie Koko Gate
Moon by Yoriko Mizushiri
Lunar Love & Ever by Gabriel Gabriel Garble
CH4RMPIX by Claudia Mace
“Why the End of the World Has Not Yet Come” music video by Haomin Peng
Moon Hoax by Harrison Fishman
MUKBANG! by Cheng-Hsu Chung
Blue Moon Over my Hammie by Michael Arcos

This episode was guest curated and produced by Sophie Koko Gate.

Off the Air: Family (S11E01)

10 Jan

Aired in 2021.

List of videos in this episode:

Road Trip by Darío Alva
Horsin’ in the V.O.I.D. (credited as Horsin’ in the Void) by Dave Biddle
“2.02 Killer Year” music video by Sophie Koko Gate, Jack Wedge and Will Freudenheim (latter uncredited)
Dinner Time by Maylee Todd and Kyvita
“All of a Sudden” music video by Laraaji
4orm (credited as Train Ride) by world4Jack (credited as Jack)
Family Supper by Dan Streit, starring Kerwin Frost
Laughing Stock by Derrick Guerin, Fraser Jones, Anthony Banua-Simon, Danielle Slaughter, Terence Chiyezhan and Alexandra O’Driscoll

This episode was guest curated and produced by Cole Kush.

Dark intros

1 Jan

The German sci-fi time travel series Dark is psychedelic and unbelievably good with its incredibly complex exploration of time travel, multiple worlds and their implications. And while Dark is indeed kind of dark, it’s less so than the title implies. Start watching it now. It’s on Netflix and it’s an extraordinary way to kick off the new year.

The intro is exquisite in its own right, and people on the YouTube thread to this video wrote: “The writers of this series are either from the future or an advanced form of human race.” – I tend to agree

Off the Air: Progress (S10E03)

7 Dec

Aired in 2020.

List of videos in this episode:

Just Setting Off by Alfie Kungu
Harvest Bounty by Sam Lyon
Future Beach by Nadia Lee Cohen
Positive Mental Attitude by James Papper
Bunny World by Victoria Vincent
ungabarn by Rosco 5
whoisyoulmao by James Papper
I Want To Be The Ocean by Raman Djafari
gloogigigation by Renee Zhan
USB Dog by Sam Campbell & Joe Pelling
The Breakup by James Papper
The Community That Sings Together by Jonathan Zwanda
Cyber Commune by Harriet Davey
Coexist by Michael Marczewski
Teeter by Jordan Brookes & Ewan Jones Morris
Lockdown Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong (credited as Rube Goldberg Machine) by Demi Lardner & Tom Walker

This episode was guest curated and produced by Blink Industries.

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