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DMT Animation – Calling The Others

30 Sep

Another, attempt to convey the vistas of DMT visions though animations. The attempt itself is futile of course, but beautiful nonetheless. Animation by Simon Haiduk.

GTA V Acid Trip

29 Sep

Here we go: the inevitable acid trip scene in the latest installation of the GTA franchise.

The Best Daughter – Ambar Navarro

28 Sep

A psych-video about “going to your own birthday party after death.” Up until 1:20 I found it to be an extraordinary video simulation of the psychedelic experience. After that, things get a bit too scary for me, though no less innovative. Ambar Navarro the director does a great job transforming mind-states on the screen,  which makes the film a rare spectacle.

Music: Moodswings – Path Of Least Resistance

27 Sep

Another great visual piece from Tatiana Plakhova.

Shpongle live with Alex and Allyson Grey

26 Sep

The interesting part for me was the first bit where Simon Posford describes his DMT experience!

Adana Twins – Strange

25 Sep

Who never met a trippy grandpa ?

Label: Exploited
Artist: Adana Twins
Release: Strange

Video by Johannes Förster (

Carsick Cars – Mogu Mogu

24 Sep

It’s shroom (= mogu) season.

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