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Mica Levi – Love

21 Jul

Rijn – Dead Voices On Air Meets Dropstar

7 Jul

Let It Rain – Lee “Scratch” Perry

30 Jun


Distractions – Insides

26 May

Beautiful lo-fi psychedelic video.

“Let It Flow” by Spritualized

28 Apr

“Love Letter” by Marc Almond

21 Apr

Before western 80s pop culture went back into full hippie mode with the rave movement, it presented itself mostly decidedly anti-hippie: cold electric or neon lights, urban and nervous, glamorous and vein. Still a lot of visual language of psychedelic culture found its way into the music videos of the time. It’s rather interesting to see how it got transformed.

“Arrow Through Me” by Paul McCartney

13 Jan

(Many thanks to Felix for suggesting the video)

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