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“A Forest” by The Cure

22 Oct


“Sugar for the Pill” by Slowdive

1 Oct

The video for the track “Sugar for the Pill” from Slowdive’s new album is taking inspiration from optical illusions. By animating them it achieves a calm psychedelic effect.

A Guy Called Gerald – “Voodoo Ray”

4 Sep

Conway’s Game of Life

14 Aug

A simulation of life patterns in John Conway’s: Game of Life.

Warpvision presents an Artificial Intelligence LD

18 Jun

This is what the Laserdisc was invented for!

Paul White – “The Doldrums”

15 May

Throne: Tharsis Sleeps

3 May

This is a crazy one from Nicos Livesey. The animation is created from over three thousand individually embroidered denim frames!!

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