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A Guy Called Gerald – “Voodoo Ray”

4 Sep


Tom Petty – “Runnin’ Down A Dream”

19 Jun

“Joust” – Atari Video Game Commcercial

23 Jan

1982 Commercial for the video game “Joust” for Atari 2600 & 5200

I don’t even know whats happening in this commercial but i love it regardless. Commercials back then were so much better i find, as most of them were just pure nonsense. Now a days commercials are so simplistic and/or generic it kills me; metaphorically.

Space Bass created and played by Constance Demby, 1980’s

18 Nov

I came across this video on the Mesmerizing Instruments and Sound Facebook Page. I love the eerie psychedelic tones almost as much as I love watch her play the ting in that fabulous outfit. That belt! Here’s the text from the Mesmerizing…Page:

“An ominous “80ties” Constance Demby playing the “Space Bass” , a instrument of her own design.

The Sonic Steel Space Bass is a 10 ft sheet of mirror finish stainless steel with 5 octaves of steel and brass rods. The rods can be bowed, struck percussively, and the metal sheet can be rubbed to create various effects. Several tones can be created by bowing a single rod, resulting in a multi-tiered overtone series. A sound scientist determined that the sound waves on the lowest notes of the instrument are approximately thirty feet long.
Constance Demby is a performing and recording artist, vocalist, experimental musical instrument inventor, painter, sculptor, and multi-media producer. Her work is categorized in the ambient/new age genre”


Mea Culpa-Brian Eno and David Byrne: video by Bruce Connor

29 Jul

I consider this sort of proto-post psychedelia. Bruce Connor’s imagery is both mind altering and domestic. The music and imagery evoke altered states of consciousness with an edgy and dangerous leaning. If you find yourself in NYC, check out the Bruce Connor retrospective at MOMA.

La Bionda- I Wanna Be Your Lover with animation by Guido Manuli

13 May

La Bionda was a late 70’s-early 80’s Italian disco band. The lovely bit of animation in this groovy video was created by Italian animator Guido Manuli. I love the hand clap edits!

“Stahlsinfonie” by Klaus Schulze

24 Jan

Klaus Schulze opening the ars electronica 1980 in Linz with his Stahlsinfonie. Beautiful stuff! Enjoy!

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