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Soviets and Yellow Submarine

31 May

Some Soviet animators apparently were influenced by the aesthetics of Yellow Submarine and you can watch the evidence below. Thanks for the info, Russian Wikipedia.

A Box with Secret / Шкатулка с секретом (1976). Director: Valery Ugarov

Merry-Go-Round 1. Inattentive Giovanni / Веселая карусель N°1. Рассеянный Джованни (1969). Director: Anatoli Petrov. Starts at 1.32 in the video, but I think you will want to watch the first one, too!

Merry-Go-Round 5. This movie is about you, isn’t it? / Веселая карусель N°5. Не про тебя ли этот фильм? (1973)

Efterklang – Mirador

30 May

Adventures of a strange bird. Out of the album Parades (2007)

The Psychedelic Glamour of Antony & the Johnsons

29 May

Can the glitter, can the pathos become so intense and  oblivious of self that it suddenly turns psychedelic? What do you think? Is there a trace of paradisian richness in glitz and the arabesque of today?

Psychedelic Typography

28 May

Typography videos has been getting pretty big on the web in the past couple of years.  Now, Olivier Ferland has been doing some pretty amazing work with two beautiful psychedelic raps from psychedelic stand-up prophet Bill Hicks  and from Terence McKenna.

For people like me, text is so intrinsic to meaning, that we  sometimes secretly wish that the whole of reality would be subtitled. These videos manage to make the powerful psychedelic speeches even stronger.



Musings on Terrence McKenna’s Emergence of Language – Jason Saliva

27 May

“Language is a psychedelic technology”. 11 years after Terence Mckenna’s death people still walk around in parks, contemplate his mind-blowing ideas and break out in unstoppable raps of inspiration . This techno-psychedelic short film gives new perspectives on McKenna’s ideas on language and the stoned ape theory. Enjoy.

A little somethin somethin from Cyriak

26 May

So I had something completely else planned for today’s video, something about the connection between big wave surfers and chasing the ultimate psychedelic ride (promo:) but then I saw this awsome video in dosenation (which became an imporant part of my internet diet) and I just had to post it here. Cyriak is plane simply a psychedelic genius.

* and another something I have to share with you is the music of Ravid Kahlani and the “Yemen Blues”. It’s a band that plays a mix of Yemen traditional music with blues and is really amazing. Listen to it (and “like” it)  here—–> 

The obsolete man / The twilight Zone

25 May

episode (n° 065), 1961 /

What could be more psychedelic than the famous Twilight zone ?

In a future totalitarian state, Romney Wordsworth (Meredith) is a man put on trial for the crime of being “obsolete”. His occupation as a librarian is a crime punishable by death, as the State has eliminated literacy. He also believes in God, also punishable by death, as the State has declared that there are no Gods. He is prosecuted by the Chancellor (Weaver), who announces in front of the assembled court that Wordsworth, in not being an asset to the State, shall be liquidated.

Tahiti 80 – Solitary Bizness

24 May

Wholesome pop psychedelia directed by Daisuke Kitayama.

Mane Mane – Twinkl Sr

23 May

“Native American nautalis’, dark chandeliers in space. Most likely filmed inside a diamond genie lamp.”

If the perspective feels weird, just go with the flow.

(Link: Anna Fitzgerald. Thanks!)

Minecraft’s Acid Trip Shader Mod

22 May

You might have heard of minecraft. You might even have played it, since you can play the (now outdated) classic version for free in your browser window. You might even be addicted to it and begin to neglect your daily psychedelic fix. You no longer have to split your time between the two.

For those of you who have not stumbled over it yet; Minecraft is your unlimited box of legos poured out between your numberless friends all over the internet (and psst, you won’t have to tidy up your room afterwards… don’t tell your mom I said this).

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