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Chillaholic – Wussnaeahned

29 Feb

Follow the cannabis plant as it grows and develops. By the time it’s over you’ll never see it the same way again. Some call this weed-pornography, or maybe it’s just biophilia or cannabisphilia. In any case, it’s beautiful to watch.

“So Much It Hurts” by Niki & the Dove

28 Feb


Habitat – Camellia Nieh

27 Feb

Camellia Nieh in another video which beautifully mixes everyday life impressions, architecture and lots of acrobalance. Again, she manages to capture some elusive quality of this life in all it’s beauty and fragility. Inspiring.

Material Song by Awesome and Possum

26 Feb

This new music video by Awesome and Possum is super fun and cute.


25 Feb


By: Albert Omoss

Understanding the Magnetic Sun

24 Feb

Miwa Matreyek: Lumerance (2012)

23 Feb

These are the voyages of an egg, boldly going where no egg has gone before. Music by Careful.

Earlier sighting of M. Matreyek in DPV:

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