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R.E.M Music videos

23 Jan

It was some surprise for me to find out that the music videos to  two of R.E.M’s most well-known singles from the 90’s have a somewhat psychedelic style to them.

Both of them have hallucinatory qualities to them, but I especially like how the beautiful video for “Losing My Religion” has the feeling that it takes place inside someone’s mind. The things that the imagery does to the watcher’s imagination… I guess that’s the sort of thing that Terrence McKenna said about it that “There is a transcendental dimension beyond language…”.

I would also recommend to watch them without the sound, especially the first one. The images can speak for themselves.

Infectious laughter

16 Jan

Laughter is a strong and common mind alter-er.

Here, a whole car on a subway gets a strong mind alteration by making each other burst into laughter, giving everyone around a raise in endorphins. Even watching the video gets the watcher into another, humorous consciousness. Prepare for a gleeful, substance-less high (Except for the chemicals of pleasure in your brain, of course).

Alice in Pepperland

2 Jan

One of  Disney’s weirdest  films, an a adaption to the surreal classic “Alice in Wonderland”, was set to the Beatles’ psychedelic music . I love the result.

Surrealistic compilation

26 Dec




Art and literature developed principally in the 20th century, expressing the subconscious or nonrational significance of imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of chance effects, unexpected juxtapositions, etc.

The art movement of surrealism was a great influence on the psychedelia of the 60’s. The hallucinatory nature of the ideas that the surrealists fished from their unconscious, was embraced by the psychedelic movement and adapted for their creations. Well-known psych-rock songs of the era, such as “White Rabbit” and “I am the Walrus“, were heavily influenced by surrealism.

The surrealists became aware of the connection between their approach and the psychedelic experience. Salvador Dali himself was quoted  saying in an interview (in response to the question, does he take drugs to make his artwork) “I don’t do drugs; I am drugs.”


[suh-m-uh- ree-uh liz]


literature  priy in th developed tional significance of ima ger e 20th expressing the centurys, etc. , subconsncipall ciou Art a nonray  ands orrriv of chan eauto matism d at b or the unexpected exploitationce effe cts, juxtaposition

MGMT – It’s Working

19 Dec

What could it be?

I call it emboginationachine,  a machine that embodies imagination.

A really cool video clip.

Pink Floyd – Arnold Layne

12 Dec

I never get tired of Pink Floyd! This classic song’s clip has a genuinely whimsical feel to it. And it must be quite inspiring while high…

Night Scapes

28 Nov

Not exactly visually psychedelic, but this video has a special quality in it’s atmosphere of mystery, experimentation, a different consciousness.

Radiohead – Reckoner

21 Nov

First we get to see life in fast forward. Then time stops. A single blink, a single breath, lasts a small infinity.

Interactive Internet Hallucinations

14 Nov

Free and safe virtual hallucinogens for all!

This optical illusion  takes advantage of the “persistence of vision”, a phenomenon of brain chemistry. As explained on the Youtube page of the second version of this illusion posted here bellow:

“Because chemical reactions are not instantaneous, the visual stimulation, resulting in a positive afterimage (i.e. your walls moving) remains in the brain for a certain amount of time. Normally, when something moves, we don’t notice the positive afterimage because this amount of time is usually only a small fraction of a second. You achieve greater persistence of vision in my experiment by staring at the graphic for an extended period of time.” It’s always interesting to know about the things that shape our perception!

There are more videos of this type on the web, but be cautious when looking for them – some of them are tricks hiding unpleasant surprises…

Balloon Surfing

7 Nov

Looks tremendously fun, might  even be more amusing to watch while high!

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