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Aphex Twin – “On”

22 May

From the Irish-born English electronic band Aphex Twins, off there first major label and EP “On”

Pin (2007)

10 May

What an absolutely gorgeous “extended canvas” for an animation. By Benjamin Ducroz.

Holy Fuck: Xed Eyes (music video by Chad VanGaalen)

24 May

An unrelenting barrage of LSD visuals from Chad.

You Could Sunbathe in this Storm

15 Dec

Some great crystal-growing eyecandy in this one. Lucy in the sky with bath salts!

Do check out the making of vid as well:

The Helio Sequence: Upward Mobility

12 May

Lovely combination of different animation techniques by Emanuele Kabu.

TV on the Radio – Second Song

21 Feb

I searched. Believe me, I searched for more on the making of this video. Maybe stop-motion techniques don’t vary that much, but I would love to watch a project like this unfold. I am eternally grateful that there are people in this world who make such visions a reality for the rest of us.

A few photos of the production process: http://michaelplease.blogspot.com/2011/09/making-of-tv-on-radio-second-song.html

Candice Gordon: Sound of Horns

6 May


Puppets go through the rabbit hole and difficult emotions. By Conor Finnegan

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