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Slugabed – ‘Sex’ (Official Video)

22 Oct

Older video but the stop motion is really impressive!


Swarm – A McGloughlin Brothers Film / Music by Max Cooper

7 Dec

Midori Hirano – Feathers

26 Jan

Calm and beautiful video by Nobuko Hori.

Weval – Someday (dir: Páraic Mc Gloughlin)

6 Jan

Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

7 Sep

Eartheater – MacroEV (Amia Yokoyama)

17 Dec

The Boo Radleys – “Spun Around”

5 Mar

Homemade music video for 90’s English Shoegaze band, The Boo Radleys song “Spun Around” off their 3rd album “Giant Steps”, devised & edited via VHS to VHS back in 1994.

If your into 90’s shoegaze I highly recommend tuning into this album

Eartheater: MacroEV

27 Feb

Wonderful claymation by Amia Yokoyama for a song by Alexandra Drewchin aka Eartheater.

Keblujara: するれありすもす

13 Feb

Keblujara is a Japanese group creating experimental animation.

Wild Wild Waves: Silence

12 Dec

Directed by Thomas Blanchard.

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