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Escher in Motion by Glenn Marshall

30 Aug

Music is Diva by Jean Michel Jarre (featuring Laurie Anderson).

KiraKira: Bless

29 Aug

Animation by Aya Yamasaki and Jason Brown aka Overture.
Music: Bless by KiraKira from her album Our Map to the Monster Olympics.

Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse

28 Aug

A trippy promo for the new season of acclaimed adult cartoon, Rick and Morty.

A know this is abit late considering the new season started back around the end of July, but its still an awesome video animation worth showing non the less.

Obertongesang, Christian Bollmann

26 Aug

Some seriously psychedelic overtone singing by German overtone master Chrisitian Bollman.


“The Kingdom Of Could Be You” (1973)-animation for the old Captain Kangaroo kids TV show directed by John Sutherland

25 Aug

‘Oh man, I used to LOVE the “Captain Kangaroo” show. I remember crying when Mr.Green Jeans did a sweet little dance to “Mr. Bojangles”. This was one of the interstitials shown during the program. The animation was funded in part by the US Department of Education.


locus of everyday life

24 Aug


By: kynd

Iterations by Glenn Marshall

23 Aug

Beautiful bubbly fractal work.

Populous – Azulejos

22 Aug

Emanuele Kabu’s animated music video is a tribute to Lisbon, where Populous’s album was produced.

Optimistic Nihilism

21 Aug

A video for those who need to find the optimism, in the nihilistic universe.


“Three Rings” by Grizzly Bear

20 Aug

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