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“Venus Fly” by Grimes & Janelle Monáe

12 Feb

“Venus Fly” by Grimes (who also directed the video) and Janelle Monáe brings us plenty of over the top psychedelia: the air is dense with feathers, bubbles, petals and white digital artifacts, there is always something bursting in slow motion and stuff that does not get smashed is on fire. Beyond that we also get popular kalaidoscope effects, neon and black contrasts and lots of trippy fashion. Have fun!


“Times Square” by Destroyer

18 Dec

This lovely clip for Destroyer’s Times Square is full of strange cigarettes, mushrooms and rather obvious leafs… Enjoy!

“Things Are Moving” by Angry Angles

1 May

“Stumble Then Rise On Some Awkward Morning” by A Silver Mt. Zion

24 Apr


6 Mar

“Black Refraction” by Tim Hecker

21 Feb

Beautiful dreamlike communication between video(Sabrina Ratté)and sound(Tim Hecker). Enjoy!

Divine Fate – Ishu Patel (1993)

2 Nov

A psychedelic rendition of the story of the Garden of Eden, by the awesome Indian-Canadian animator Ishu Patel. If you liked this, check out our past posts about Patel’s videos here  and here.


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