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“Oooh.” by De La Soul feat. Redman

30 Nov

De La Soul’s very own vision of the Wizard of Oz.

Psychedelic Death Vomit (Slight Return) 3d

29 Nov
Welcome to the first of ‘Fractal Feedback’ – a weekly weekend posting of fractal spaces, feedback visions, generative art  and experimental visuals. Get your anaglyph glasses on! Much more pleasant than the original, Yoshihide Sodeoka is a modern master of analogue video effects, feedback and noise music. (Featured previously 123)

“Miss Edmonton Teenburger 1983 in Your’re Eternal” by Amy Lockhart

29 Nov

One of my favorite Canadians, animator Amy Lockhart, gets groovy with AfterEffects and the lovely Miss Edmonton TeenBurger 1983 to show the evil Princesses who’s boss.


Los Jóvenes

29 Nov

As this is my first entry in this column, I feel I should explain that MTV was a bitter disappointment to me when I was growing up. As I understood it, it was supposed to be a channel that connected teenagers with what was cool. I also had the wild idea that music videos were supposed to be a bit of a priority to them. Clearly, this is not the case.

Then, a couple years ago, I saw a few music videos that made me realize that some really interesting stuff is going on within this medium. And it pissed me off that the only way for me to find it was to plunge online video archives and click links to related video after related video on Youtube in hopes of making another wondrous find.

Well, I’ve been at it for a while, and MTV, you need to get with it. This stuff is cool, and it’s worthy of our teenagers.

My first selection is a celebration of youth. I can’t tell you how moved I am by this video, as it seems to me to be about the new experiences and crazy little things that teens get up to in their idle moments. To me, it’s a celebration of physical sensations.

And if you’ll permit me to stick with Spanish musicians and this style of filming, allow me to next direct your attention to Bombay by El Guincho. An intro in the style of Carl Sagan, some gorgeous half-nude women, 70’s graininess, visuals that last for an instant but I guarantee will stick with you… What’s not to love? Directed by Canada, who have done quite a few projects that I consider masterpieces, the video for Ice Cream by Battles being among them and already in our archives.

Last one for today, I’ll just let it speak for itself. If you like the music artist though, check out the video for Colombo as well.


Spirit Science

28 Nov

Today i want to introduce you to a YouTube show called “Spirit Science”.

This show features 25 episodes that try and gap between the spiritual world and the scientific world using cute animation.

Here is an episode for example – Episode 9: Astral Projection:

Warm Neon Birth

27 Nov

A staple of psychedelia done justice. Take a trip through this tunnel.
Tunes courtesy of Washed Out.  And for those of you with the technical chops, the artist beeple (in typical fashion) has released this video under a creative commons licence, with the cinema 4d project file available here.

An American Hippie in Israel, Amos Sefer, 1972

26 Nov

 An American Hippie in Israel. Also known as: Ha-Trempist (The Hitch-hiker)

Written, Directed and Produced by Amos Sefer.

The Path (ZX Spectrum demo by Cyberpunks Unity & Inward, 2004)

25 Nov

Cyberpunks Unity is a ZX Spectrum demo group from Rybinsk, Russia. Inward is their subgroup. You can get the original demo from

Elephant’s Garden – Felix Colgrave

24 Nov

Animator Flexic Colgrave takes us into a mind boggling multi-layered, hyper-dimensional magical trip in a world of llamas, dragons and big eyed birds.

(Link: Mary Jane Gibson. Thanks!)

“The Bath Tube Session” (Berlin, 1969) by Tangerine Dream

23 Nov

I want to add this to baba samas’ recent post of Tangerine Dream videos.

This video of Tangerine Dream’s “Bath Tube Session” in Berlin in 1969 might not have fancy animations or effects, but it really expresses (and documents) the psychedelic spirit like no other (just look at that trippin’ crowd).

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