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Chinese Man – Escape (Official Music Video)

30 Nov

The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Little Fishes

29 Nov

Directed & animated by Micah Buzan Animation assistance by Brittany Penn


28 Nov

Zer0 1ne: 2x Astral Move

28 Nov

Israel is on fire with new media art! Zero One Festival is happening now in Jerusalem, organized by Or Ganuz Collective, and hosting a high-end lineup of local and international artists. I am under strict instructions from the psychonautics society not to post more than one video per post, so I chose by astralness!

Rejoicer / Jengo (Israel / US)
The instrumental hip hop personality and head of the label – Raw Tapes, Rejoicer (Yuval Havkin, Buttering Trio) together with the animator and surrealist virtuoso Jengo (Guy Glikstein) in a particularly smokey and fluid session of beats and visual delirium. Coming to us with an impressive audio-visual performance from Rejoicer’s latest album – Energy Dreams. The visuals created by Jango, inspired by the imprint of dreams on the fluidity of consciousness. The spectacular mini-scenes created by Jengo, blend elements that responds to Rejoicer’s unique instruments and rhythms bringing to the limelight the fluidity of time and the challenges it presents.

The Mylar Topology by Paul Prudence

26 Nov

The Mylar Topology is an audio-visual performance work intended for panoramic projection (3 screen span) and spatial sound. The piece synchronizes binaural drones with generative video simulations of liquid forms (abstracted and distorted).

J Laser – Waves and Blades (Yoshi Sodeoka)

25 Nov

Squarepusher – Vortrack (Fracture Remix)

24 Nov

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