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Nightmares on Wax – “Back To Nature”

27 Nov


The Babe Rainbow – “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest”

20 Nov


Carl Sagan on Extraterrestrials

26 Jun

An audio recording of Carl Sagan on the topic of extraterrestrials turned into a beautifully vivd animation.

Based on the youtube channel “Blank on Blank” which turns audio recordings of famous figures into psychedelic animations in order to help expand and get the overall message and/or wisdom of the topic across with better success.

Pin (2007)

10 May

What an absolutely gorgeous “extended canvas” for an animation. By Benjamin Ducroz.

Dan Deacon: U.S.A.

4 Jan

Aired in 2013.

List of videos in this Off the Air special music video:

El hombre y la Tierra excerpt
Radical Updates by Andrew Benson
Cityscape Chicago by Eric Hines
Space Station footage supplied by Image Science and Analysis Laboratory at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center; Groosland by Dutch National Ballet, footage provided by Poorhouse International, Ltd.; CGI space objects by Adam Bruneau
American Harvest film supplied by Prelinger Archives
Head On by Lior Ben Horin
Murmuration by Liberty Smith and Sophie Windsor Clive
Cy’s Sunrise Lefts by Cyrus Sutton and Korduroy.tv
Moonwalk performance by Dean Potter, cinematography by Reel Walter Productions, Ltd.
Primavera concert videos by Tom Bingham, Gill Austin, Jonathan Rej, and Jeff Crocker
Stone Mountain Ghillie Suits feat. Cody DeMatteis and Zach White, cinematography by Alan Steadman

Paper Lights – We’re Alot Like Trees

6 Apr


Emanuele Kabu on a nature trip. The song was inspired by the writings of author and preservationist, John Muir. It’s meaning was born out of a hope for togetherness with all walks of life and unification with the great outdoors.


6 May

Thirty years ago, Marcel left Spain to escape the military service, leaving his family and his social life. After living in a hippie community, he took refuge in the jungle of Costa Rica, where he lives alone, naked and in complete harmony with nature. Marcel discovered himself healer and practice rituals of taking ayahuasca, inducing visions and epiphanies that earned him the epithet of entheogen (Inner God generator). Only a few visitors joined him- here, young women in search of truth, such nymphs listening a shaggy Pan .

In the silence of the jungle…

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