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Tales from the Trip S01E59: Zack Holmes Learned Why You Don’t Accept Mystery Liquid X

31 May

Sometimes it might be a good idea to just say no.

The Language of Dreams

30 May

Video by Wheeler Winston Dixon

The Allophons – Nananaau

29 May

Acid – Rodrigo Perez Estrada

28 May

OMG, can’t get enough of those videos by Rodrigo Perez Estrada

Prophici – Stars to Earth (Visual Mix)

27 May

Choreograft with some cool effects in this one!


25 May

Chuck Johnson: Balm of Gilead

24 May

Music video by Aubrey Nehring.

David Terranova – Kinq

23 May

Pinkcourtesyphone – Drained By The Very Nearness

22 May

Venho La Da Floresta ( Mapu Huni Kuin and Ixa Hunikuin Cover )☼

21 May

Entheogenic gathering somewhere on the hilltops in Israel.

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