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“Thoughts Of Love On The Verge Of Sleep ” by Oracles

23 Oct

You can find an earlier Oracles video right here.

“Stahlsinfonie” by Klaus Schulze

24 Jan

Klaus Schulze opening the ars electronica 1980 in Linz with his Stahlsinfonie. Beautiful stuff! Enjoy!

1970s psychedelic Bundesliga fashion

4 Jan

In 1970 German fashion designers were worried that Bundesliga players were not colorful enough to meet the demands of the psychedelic era so they redesigned the soccer players uniform in a form that would suit the times. This is the result. The TV presenter even speaks about how we must all seek “to make this colorful world more colorful”. Ah! These were the times 🙂

“Amine” by Arovane

20 Dec

Seeeds of Love

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day seems to be a pretty polarizing holiday. If you’re sharing it with someone special this year, the first video is probably what you’d like to see. If not, and you’re in the mood for some schadenfreude, the second is about a married brute going out to the clubs and then being blackmailed by the one he pursues.

“The Bath Tube Session” (Berlin, 1969) by Tangerine Dream

23 Nov

I want to add this to baba samas’ recent post of Tangerine Dream videos.

This video of Tangerine Dream’s “Bath Tube Session” in Berlin in 1969 might not have fancy animations or effects, but it really expresses (and documents) the psychedelic spirit like no other (just look at that trippin’ crowd).

Pimmelman feat. Boiling Piss & Meisterstufenkarton – Es Regnet

4 Aug

A fucked up fantasy.

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