psychedelic animation, Psychedelic Art

Sean Capone: Qubist #2

Another generated form study from Sean.

psychedelic animation, Psychedelic Art

Sean Capone: synaesthetics

Excerpts of four videos influenced by abstract painterly ideas of ‘visual music’, the translation of sonic emotions into visual forms and colors. The videos do not have a soundtrack.

1. Polychrome Variations
2. Synchromy #2
3. Tempest in a Teadance
4. Tidal SimPhony

The visuals were created using a combination of 2D animation and generative 3D applications.

3D Psychedelia, psychedelic animation, Psychedelic series, Psychedelic Visuals, Pyschedelic Visualisations

Subblue’s Fractal Lab (2011)

Prepare your machinic mind for a  journey through these fractal-architectural dreamscapes. A 12 part series of loops by generative artist Tom Beddard, I’ve picked my favourites below (most are silent, keep your tunes going!)