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25 Nov

“Just some innocuous black and white pixels.”

@gasmanic: If only there were some way to download Youtube videos, you could run through ffmpeg -i yt_dl.mkv -vf scale=120:-1,eq=contrast=10 -sws_flags neighbor -pix_fmt monob -f rawvideo yt_dl.tar.gz and possibly discover something interesting. Ah well.

TAS Visuals: Trippy frog, The traveller visual, Mystic move (2016)

24 Nov

A bunch of short animations from Austrian designer and artist TAS Visuals aka The Adventurous Spark.

U-Recken – Illusion EP

23 Nov

fractal animations by Hannes Beem Website:

Juana Molina – Cosoco

22 Nov

Sampa The Great – Black Atlantis – Planet Afropunk Performance

21 Nov

Humandala x Sacramental Studios – Featherbed Sessions A/V Set

20 Nov

Featherbed is bringing you some of the best A/V mixes out there! Follow therustmusic on twitch and tune in every few fridays to watch live!

▲ Corona [Psychedelic Animation]

19 Nov

Psychedelic video dedicated to the covid-19.

Is the virus psychedelic? We’d love to hear what you think

Abstract Originals

18 Nov

More awesomeness at the Computer Arts Society archive lunched this week:

Tales from the Trip S01E18: Duncan Trussell Took Terence McKenna’s Penis Envy Mushrooms

17 Nov

Duncan tells about his gnome encounter.

Perfect Stranger – Six Feet Under (Captain Hook remix) (Tas Visuals)

16 Nov

Video by Tas Visuals

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