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ITERATION by Romain Gauthier

19 Nov

Pulsating cuboid geometry.

Pierre Adrien showreels

9 May

Some showreels from illustrator and animator Pierre Adrien.




Arun Tazieff – Those Visions Have No End

1 May

Music video by Nicolas Fong.

Karmalloween 2016 VJ Aftermovie by Lokomotion Drop

31 Oct

VJ visual showcase from a party in France.

BBBlaster Visuals 2 – compilation 2013 – 2015

1 Mar

Showcase of visuals from the French BBBlaster team. If you like their stuff, check out this post from 2013: https://dailypsychedelicvideo.com/2013/12/17/hibou-blaster-a-very-unusual-map/

Commodo feat. Rocks FOE – Set It Straight

22 Feb

Music video by BBBlaster.


14 Feb

An otherworldly clubbing experience. Made by Supinfocom students.

Rone – Sing Song

23 Aug

Plenty of flying astral wyrms and snails.

Musicothérapie (2007)

27 Sep

Student animation by Amael Isnard, Manuel Javelle and Clement Picon

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