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Add this before the spin cycle

31 May

Another awesome animation from Professor Soap, who we’ve seen previously here.

Hashish Nation

30 May

This is a music video of an Israeli band named Boom-Pam and the video is by the VJ Brand_nu. You would never guess what it is about!

Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards

29 May

The film is an allegorical comment on the moral neutrality of technology and the potentially destructive powers of propaganda. Blackwolf’s secret weapon is propaganda, used to incite and motivate his legions and terrorize the good fairy folk of Montagar; Blackwolf also utilizes technology for evil ends. However, in the end, it is Avatar’s willingness to use a technological tool (a handgun pulled from “up his sleeve”) which saves them all. Bakshi also states that Wizards “was about the creation of the state of Israel and the Holocaust, about the Jews looking for a homeland, and about the fact that fascism was on the rise again”.

Die Toten Hosen – Walkampf (A. Hykade)

28 May

Ever tried dropping LSD onto your eyeball? Well, now you have. Oh, and it has whales.

Making of:

Reclaim your mind – Terence Mckenna

27 May

Another epic rap by Terence McKenna, accompanied with fantastic, evocative visuals.

Yeasayer Fragrent World Clips

26 May

It seems each track from Yeasayer’s 2012 Album Fragrant World got a psychedelic video in a similar style (reminding me of those days when we stared at the screen saver until the early hours of the morning). Here are two of them hand-picked for your sunday afternoon leisure. Enjoy!

SaBBo – Talking Doll (Video by Kutiman)

25 May

Chancellor Leopard

24 May

Chancellor Leopard has some good YouTube videos with things like singing skeletons and floating frogs in top hats. Here are a couple. Music above by Ben Wallis, below is Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures

23 May

Flying Lotus keep on inspiring psychedelic music videos. It’s so great and inspiring to see people like Steven Ellison, who are so dedicated to creating psy atmosphere in their music and videos.

L’écume des jours / Froth on the Daydream

22 May

I just went to see the last Michel Gondry (movie director: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, La science des rêves ; videoclip maker: Crystalline – Björk, Rolling stones…) movie yesterday night, an adaptation of “Froth on the Daydream” (French: “L’Écume des Jours”), a 1947 novel by the French Surrealist novelist Boris Vian.

“Colin is a wealthy young man with a resourceful and stylish man-servant, Nicolas, as well as a fantastic olfactory-musical invention: the pianocktail. With dizzying speed, Colin meets and weds Chloé in a grand ceremony. Generously, Colin bequeaths a quarter of his fortune to his friends Chick and Alise so they too may marry…”

Gondry succeeds here to translate the hyper-surrealistic environment depicted in Vian’s novel.

Enjoy the trailer, and I hope you may have the opportunity to see the movie soon !

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