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OOF “All Of Us Is One” (Feat. Russell Brand & Jie Pop) – Official music video

3 Dec

“We are part of everything all of us is one.” DJ Oof.


7 Aug

Talk about an animated collage on acid! :O

ATOEM – Blue

14 Jun

BOLIDE – short film – Michel Gondry (1986)

30 Apr

Awesome early video by director Michel Gondry.

POLO & PAN – Dorothy (official video)

3 Apr

Directed by David Tomaszewski

Polo and Pan’s upbeat french music goes perfectly with this remix video of the wizard of Oz!

HALO MAUD – Baptism

24 May

Some really unique and synchronized dances

La Prisonnière – Henri-Georges Clouzot: Kinetic art (1968)

7 May

Some more exquisite 1960s psychedelia by Henri-Georges Clouzot.

Romy Schneider dans l’Enfer

16 Feb

This classic sequence from Henri-Georges Clouzot’s never released L’enfer (1964) was pioneering in its use of light to achieve psychedelic effects. It still takes the breath away.

POLO & PAN – Coeur Croisé

19 Jan

A great display of psychedelic choreography and movement art.

Video directed by: Pablo Maestres

Animation about our connected world.

4 Dec

A French artist known as Clement Morin made a stunning and vividly colored animation about how everything in our world is connected in one way or another.

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