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Perturbator – “She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next”

27 Mar

French Electronic/SynthWave artist, Perturbator, brings cyberpunk style music and music videos very reminiscent of retro 80’s style movies and games.

If you are interested in this kinda sound, then i would recommend his album “The Uncanny Vally” as your start zone.

Caravan Palace – “Wonderland”

20 Feb

“Wonderland” by Caravan Palace off there album “<|°_°|>” AKA “Robot Face”

Caravan Palace specializes in the genre of “Electro Swing” which in my opinion is a very interesting and amazing sound they produce.

Theres only enough electro swing artists to fit on both of my hands but Caravan Palace is by far the best. If you want to go explore more of this genre and/or music then Caravan Palace’s “PANIC!’ album is where to start your journey my friend.

“Sphynx”- music video for French psych-rock band La Femme

2 Dec

L’Hydre D’Or by Max Litvinov

8 Apr


27 Nov

An enchanting music clip from the self titled debut album of the French-Cuban duo Ibeyi.

(Link: Shani. Thanks!)

Mondial TM

11 Jul

“Sudden” by Stellar OM Source

23 May

trippy acid house track from the recent nite-glo ep by experimental synth artist Stellar OM Source.

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