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Galimatias – Amount to Nothing (2014)


Engrossing short motion graphic composition by Ono Mato (animated in Apophysis) includes the hallmarks of generative psychedelia, rainbow colours and fractal recursion.

psychedelic nature


Our beautiful psychedelic sun! NASA celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory ( SDO) by releasing this gorgeous time lapse film showing the complex features of the fiery ball from whence we came.

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Mike Luck – Cityscape

WannaPlayDaily.com had these words from director Maxmana: “For this Music Video for Mike Luck I wanted to create a video game like drive journey through the desert landscape at 6 O’Clock in the morning. It was made ​​to be projected or spanned over three screens. so if you happen to own a triple-head to go and have 3 screens attached, give it a wirl would you?”
I think he very much succeeded. I encourage you to watch it in full screen and crank the speakers up just a touch.

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Magic trip and Ken Kesey’s acid test videos

Back when acid was mostly known as an experimental drug examined for its exotic effects on consciousness and its potential therapeutic value, Ken Kesey was among the first who came up with the idea of using it to party and explore reality intuitively. After publishing his masterpiece “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, which he wrote on acid, inspired by the acid experiences he had in CIA LSD experiments, Kesey assembled a group of intrepid freakstes around him. Otherwise known as the merry pranksters, this merry group of psychonauts initiated the famous 1960’s acid tests, which were basically the first acid parties. All the while, they shot an experimental psychedelic film, while on acid. But the group couldn’t get its mind around how to edit the film, which was to be edited from hundreds of hours of fragmentary materials. Only in 2011 was it finally released as part of a film called “Magic Trip” about Kesey and his group, and if you have anything more than a fleeting interesting psychedelics I suggest you check it out soon to get better acquainted with Kesey and his group. Above the trailer to the magic trip video. Below, an animation accompanying a conversation with Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead, reminiscing about the acid tests. And finally, the acid test graduation film.

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Meanwhile in a world far, far away …

This is a short film created during the “Porgrave” shooting, the latest film by Sandro Bocci, that will be released in late 2015. …Meanwhile… shows the world of marine animals like corals and starfish at high magnification and during long time span through the timelapse. The music almost alien and disturbing has been joined to the images that stimulate mental associations to create a contrast, stimulate synesthesia and feelings do not necessarily harmonics and assonant.
This is an infinitesimal part of the wonderful world in which we live and of which we should take better care. A trip through a different perspective that would encourage reflection on the consequences of our actions on each scale of space and time.
Enjoy the vision…

Images and editing: Sandro Bocci
Original Music: Maurizio Morganti
Featured: Protoreaster linckii, Scolymia , Fungia, Trachyphyllia, Symphyllia, Euphyllia divisa wilde, Zoas mix, Alien eye zoas, Tridacna maxima.