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“I Am Chemistry” by Yeasayer

31 Jan

Freaky Flowers 1&2

30 Jan

Some stunning freaky flowers for you

“A Lovely Day in the Tiny World”-Muxxi Art animated by Lucassou

29 Jan


The joyously colorful and fantastical work of Guatemalen artist Muxxi animated by Brazilian artist Lucassou is a delightful entry into a magical world. Check out Muxxi’s illustrations on her website:

There is a link to

The Chickening

28 Jan


By: Nick DenBoer

Meteor – Narcose // ADULTS

27 Jan

Narcose, teaser of Adastra EP , release 02/05/16
Edited by Martin Sek
Collaboration SEML Records
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Old Man (Leah Shore, 2012) – Phone conversations with Charles Manson

26 Jan

Feverish edit and visualization of hours of phone conversations with Manson, who used a smuggled cell phone.

“Stahlsinfonie” by Klaus Schulze

24 Jan

Klaus Schulze opening the ars electronica 1980 in Linz with his Stahlsinfonie. Beautiful stuff! Enjoy!

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