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Woodshock | Official Trailer HD | A24

27 May

Bless You [by David Barlow-Krelina]

29 Aug

“A man takes the subway. Inside his brain, a countdown clock hits zero and a little person prepares for lift-off. The man sneezes.”

Watch it in stereo 3D

Björk | Tabula Rasa

13 Jul

Childish Gambino – Sweatpants (Official Music Video) ft. Problem

25 May


18 Apr

Etienne de Crecy – No Brain ( dir. by Fleur & Manu )

2 Jul

ackerman- IN FLUX (dir. Eli Ayers)

18 Jun

GUM – “The Blue Marble”

12 Mar

Ra Djan – “Jordan Rain”

8 Jan

Flight Through Spacey Design Elements

1 Jan

Hope everyone had an amazing and/or psychedelic 2017!

Here is a trippy experimental short film, taking you deep into time and space to help kick off your year of psychedelia

Heres to 2018, and hopefully, another great year


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