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Tales from the Trip S01E58: Duncan Trussell Deleted Himself From Existence on 5-MeO-DMT

17 May

Breakthrough story from Duncan.

Tales from the Trip S01E57: Hamilton Morris Made His Own “Pharmahuasca” and Spoke in Tongues

3 May

Trip story from Hamilton’s college days.

Tales from the Trip S01E56: Confronting a Cop on Shrooms (ft. Ambar Lucid)

19 Apr

Quality time with a spirit guide.

Tales from the Trip S01E55: Steve-O Shares His Wildest Acid, Ketamine, & Cocaine Stories

5 Apr

A small sampling of his wild stories.

Tales from the Trip S01E54: The Shroom Trip That Almost Ended in Murder (ft. JoJo)

22 Mar

Accidentally eating shrooms can lead to a bummer trip.

Tales from the Trip S01E53: Melissa Ong Boofed Molly with a Stranger While on Acid

8 Mar

The scientific term is rectally administered MDMA. Video is through Facebook because someone flagged the one on Youtube and it requires age verification.

Tales from the Trip S01E52: Drinking Three Times the Advisable Amount of Marijuana (ft. Duncan Trussell)

22 Feb

A drink of bhang lassi turned out to be pretty powerful.

Tales from the Trip S01E51: Hearing a Gunshot Will Affect Your Acid Trip (ft. OHGEESY)

8 Feb

Good tripsitter made this a meaningful journey.

Tales from the Trip S01E50: Buying Acid from a Pirate Ship (ft. Moses Storm)

25 Jan

Just a quiet night home and family dinner on acid.

Tales from the Trip S01E49: Shane Mauss’ DMT Girlfriend Got Jealous of His Real Life Girlfriend

11 Jan

I think Shane handled the situation like an adult.

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