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31 Aug

Some pious psychedelic hip hop by E4RTH.

Far Away

30 Aug

A wizard and magic mushrooms create a new friend. Another awesome animation from Prof Soap.

Space VJ Meeting 2012

29 Aug

I’d love to be in one of those VJs festivals. I believe in the future we will see more collabaration work being done between DJ’s and VJ’s to create a more synchronized show. This is a video from the VJ meeting that took place in Poland in March 2012

PINK FLOYD – Rare & Psy

28 Aug


A rare video of the Pink Floyd in 72 !

Vial of Sound – A Lifetime Passed

27 Aug

More squishy swarms from Ori Toor. A quote from Ori about his workflow:

The animation is made frame by frame in Flash. Sometimes I replicate in flash too. I replicate and group loops together in After Effects where I also play with the colors (pre colored in Flash and lightly manipulated with AE). I don’t use any special plugin. It is mostly “manual” work.

Iron and Wine “Joy” – Haley Morris

26 Aug

From the album Ghost on Ghost.

(Link: 6dmind. Thanks!)

“Psyché Rock” by Pierre Henry

25 Aug

Psyché Rock” (from Messe pour le temps présent) by musique concrète master Pierre Henry is a true classic of psychedelic culture. It moves effortlessly between popular material (Louie Louie, the fuzzy sound of psychedelic rock, etc.) and avant-garde techniques of sound manipulation.

You can find all kinds of remixes and versions of the influential track for example by Fatboy Slim, Coldcut, Stereolab, Moog Cookbook, etc. and of course probably the most popular: the Futurama theme.

(You can find a longer version of the video here)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Zephyr Song

24 Aug

(Link: 6dmind. Thanks!)

Washed Out – Don’t Give Up

23 Aug

Lots of psychedelic nature, up close and meditative, in the new Washed Out video for Don’t Give Up.

Mount Kimbieb

22 Aug
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