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“The Spaceman”- music video for The Cosmic Dead featuring footage taken from Japanese shorts Super Giant #5 & #6. Edited together by Julian Dicken

30 Sep


29 Sep



Off The Air: Nature (S03E01)

28 Sep

Aired in 2013.

List of videos in this episode:

Visions of the Wild film by the United States Department of Agriculture, supplied by the Prelinger Archives
“Brats” music video by Ian Cheng
Hyper Geography by Joe Hamilton
24,480 Minutes with an Australian Tree Fern by the Upthink Lab
Fungia Food by Coral Morphologic
“Staring Out the Window” music video by Ninian Doff
Woos by PetPunk
“What’s Up?” music video by Liam Lynch, for the song also by Lynch
A Walk in the Woods by Weebl
Madam Butterfly by Gabriel Kempers
Land by Hiraoka Masanobu
“The Ghostly Voices Once Said!” music video by Randy Knott

MORPHA UTILA! Ambassador to the Machine Planet!

27 Sep

Directed by Lale Westvind.

Lale’s work previously featured:

Ken Nordine – Yellow

26 Sep

Back in the 1966 voice over artist Ken Nordine released a peculiar album named colors, with 34 tracks, each dedicated to a specific color on the color spectrum. Being the year when the psychedelic movement got launched into the public mainstream, it was a great year for an album about colors. It suffices to see this short music clip dedicated to the yellow color to get an idea of just what kind of genius went into this work… If you this has stimulated your interest, you might want to check out the full album here.

Graffiti Stop Motion by BLU

25 Sep

Here is another stop motion graffiti by BLU.

The Amazing World of Coral Reefs Fluorescence Parts 2 and 3

24 Sep

Some breath-taking videos of fluorescent underwater glory.

“No Love Like Yours”- music video for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros directed by Olivia Wilde

23 Sep

Mind Frame

22 Sep


By: Jake Fried

Off The Air: Light (S02E04)

21 Sep

Aired in 2013.

List of videos in this episode:

Combustion by Renaud Hallée; title sequence by Adam Fuchs
“Natural Thing” music video by Johan Rijpma
Light Drive by Kim Pimmel
Glowing Man by Jacob Sutton
Jelly Trip Experience by Burkhard Reike
Dubstep Dispute by Jason Charles Giles
Flawed Symmetry of Prediction by Jeff Frost; “Seeing Things” excerpt from Fun to Imagine feat. Richard Feynman, footage supplied by T3Media
“The Sky Was Pink” music video by Morgan Beringer
I See You by Jacob Streilein
Light by David Parker

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